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Venalmar Tripulaciones
Illes Balears

that by bringing in Venalmar

For the yacht owners; we have an extensive database of captains, engineers, deckhands /stewardess, cooks, day workers... All of them have an excelent experience in sailing and nautic certificates.Their references and certificates are check up and we make a selection through one or more interviews.
For the crew;captains, enginers, deckhands, stewardess, day workers... we can provide contracts short and long term and find the right yacht considering the needs and preferences of the crew hired through our agency Ven Almar Tripulaciones.

Ven Almar Tripulaciones is a crew agency that selects the best crew for your vessel and is specializated in following up the agreement by both parties involved.

Our objetive is to make the process of locating crew as easy and affordable as possible, since the recruitment a good crew on board can be very complicated and expensive.Similarly the objective of Ven Almar Tripulaciones is aimed at finding the link between those looking for crew and those who are looking for work on board and putting both parties in contact.

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Rafael Verera


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