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VATEK. Automatización y Electrónica Industrial

Europa: España
América: Venezuela


We are a young company specialized in developing engineering projects in automation and industrial electronics technology. We introduce ourselves as prestigious teams integrators Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, plus many other brands.

We are born to dedicate to engineering, sales, supply and integration of control systems and industrial automation. We offer the best products, coupled with a total capacity of services and support. We identify with the objectives of our clients vos ¬ beyond the immediate sale of a product and its implementation, while in the continuous improvement and seeking viable solutions from the engineering point of view to your requirements, satisfying holistically to our customers.

Based on our experience and needs of our clients, we offer engineering innovations to automate or to put in place processes and machinery, providing optimal performance and a high level of professionalism.

Our staff of engineers and technicians with a high level of experience, highly qualified and professional international experience in automation and industrial electronics. We identified by our excellent technical support capabilities to customers and to offer the best solutions based on leading technologies and products recognized worldwide.


Our services reach the design, sale and support of industrial electrical and electronic equipment, installation and commissioning. We provide solutions for industrial process automation based on PLC's, SCADA and SCD / DCS (Distributed Control Systems), including provision of lockers, wiring and control, supply and installation of instrumentation, system configuration and finally start .

services we offer

1. Basic and detailed design of the system.
2. Development of hardware and software specifications.
3. Development of the automation project.
4. Sale and Supply of equipment.
5. Installation of instruments.
6. Construction and installation of control panels and power.
7. Implementation of electrical installation.
8. Integration and FAT and SAT (Factory & Site Acceptance Test)
9. Installation, Commissioning and User Training.
10. Preparation of documentation 'As Built'.

Basic Engineering:

We project planning and design of the level of detail sufficient to fix the key areas necessary, components, scope, complexity and economic parameters of projects (Architecture for Control). We plan to perform tasks and their estimated durations and documentation necessary for completion of the project.

Engineering Detail:

We select the equipment for process automation and related control and information platforms (software and hardware) developed the Lay Out, list of equipment, electrical plans, list of terminal blocks, cable list, etc., generated using the most modern software tools and highly specialized work.

Sale and supply of equipment:

As integrators of the most prestigious brands, we can provide all the elements for the control of processes with the best prices and delivery times of the market.
Among the equipment we use in stock are: PLC's, SCADA, electronic instruments, frequency inverters, servo, drives, boards and electrical fittings and enclosures.


We have highly skilled resources to provide mounts, cabinets and tables, electrical instrumentation and industrial control, mechanical assemblies and civilians to ensure compliance with the provisions provided and minimizing errors in the implementation of the system.

Commissioning and commissioning:

We launched their machines, performing manual and automated tests to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of those making use of appropriate tools.


Our work does not end with the launch, we are able to offer the most qualified maintenance service to the systems we install, through an ongoing relationship with a view to monitoring the proper operation thereof.

Provide or arrange courses in Venezuela and abroad for maintenance and operations personnel in the area of automation, instrumentation and Supervisory systems.

Currently Vatek, CA, offers a wide range of courses including:

• Simatic S7 PLC, Basic Level, Intermediate and Advanced.
• PLC Simatic S5, Basic Level, Intermediate and Advanced.
• Communication transverse Industrial Ethernet and Profibus.
• Workshop fieldbus Profibus DP.
• Software for industrial applications TF
• Course SCADAS iFIX, Wonderware and WinCC.
• Update Simatic S5 to S7 (ST-7UPPROG)
• Speed Control and Variable frequency for electric motors.

Our values are based on:

• Innovation in our solutions for automation and electrical projects.
• Continuous improvement in our procedures and applications.
• Commitment and responsibility to our customers
• Respect and care for the environment.
• Safety in the work we do.
• Social responsibility to the environment.

We develop and work closely with business
Manufacturers of machinery for its implemented.
We services to different companies:
• Companies in the cable industry.
• Companies in the steel sector.
• Companies in the food sector.
• Companies in the plastics sector.


"Providing support and solutions in the field of industrial instrumentation and automation at the enterprise level with the use of technology, to obtain homogeneous products of high quality, seeking continuous improvement with emphasis on the responsibility to the environment."


   "To be recognized leaders in the services and integration of automation systems, security and industrial instrumentation, thanks to our reliability, professionalism and experience that keeps us at the forefront of new and better engineering solutions.

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