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Ivan Arias

Ivan Arias is graduated as Slavic philologist by the Barcelona´s University (​​1996-2000), where he studied latin, ancient slavian language, ancient greek, modern greek, English, French and Russian. A Diploma of high level of Russian language was given to him by the State School of Languages in 2000 after passing all the exams. Ivan has a Master in Audiovisual Translation (2012).

On the
professional side, Ivan has worked on a lot of national and international projects, developed in Spain, Russia (1997-1999), France (2006-2007) and the Czech Republic (2008-2011). All of these projects are related to the management of ground operations (aviation sector), to market research studies (quality analysis) and to translations on a high level. Among others, Ivan has worked for companies such like CSA Czech Airlines, Ceska Televize, PGA Portugalia, Air Europa, Alitalia, ITLV Laintex Veterani, International Amnesty, for some Russian air carriers, with the Catalan Health Service, in the Ministry of Justice of the Government of Catalonia, SGS, Metracheck, International House and HP (Hewlett Packard).

Ivan uses the following languages as work languages: Catalan (CA), Spanish (ES), Czech (CZ), French (FR), English (EN), and Russian (RU), used on the next language combinations:

  • Simultaneous Interpreter: RU/EN/FR > ES/CA, ES<>CA and ES/CA>RU/FR/EN
  • Consecutive Interpreter: RU/EN/FR/CZ > ES/CA, ES<>CA and ES/CA>RU/FR/EN/CZ
  • Written Translations / Audiovisual / edition and proofreading : All the combinations.
  • Learning of foreign languages: Russian and Spanish for foreigners.

, Ivan is working for different translation agencies, government organizations, multinational companies related to the market research studies, for some audiovisual studios and in the airlines´ Industry. Since 2015, Ivan is cooperating with the Republic of the Republic of Belarus in France, as accredited translator and interpreter. Ivan is the General Director of the Ground Operations Company TRADINFO AVIAKOM

Contact with Ivan

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