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    who we are

    who we are
    Our business idea was born in Orito - Putumayo under the name "piņetas" products made from pineapple, as the aim is to create edible and industrial products based on an exotic fruit such as the pineapple;. this idea will pass through different items that lead to determine the chances of success or not of the same in the target market.
    The intention is mainly addressed from a practical perspective, various aspects ranging from the same understanding of a fruit of study, to do with the development of a project where we transform, we research and create innovative products own country.
    Given that the food sector in Colombia during the first years of this century until today, presented favorable behaviors to the country's economy and has become one of the most promising sectors for the country's competitiveness in global markets .
     Historically, it is an industry that has consistently presented ups and downs in production and economic consolidation. Food and drinks have been one of the categories that have repeatedly presented positive variations in the domestic industry.
    Additionally, these activities were the greatest multiplier effect they have on other activities of the local economy, being one of the sectors listed in greater capacity to generate better jobs in the economy, by offering greater job security and better average compensation.
    At first glance the sector presents favorable opportunities, but is also a sign of great competitiveness of this sector.
    Besides that in the municipality of Orito sweet pineapple it is produced, which is why we want to take advantage of what is produced in the department and municipality in order to create products with a Colombian seal
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