pfchile1Dudley M. Hitchman
Professional Fitness Coach
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Coach DudleyHitchman has over 20 years experience coaching soccer. He has coached in five different continents – North, South and Central America, Europe and Asia in addition to coaching all levels of athletes – youth, college and professional. In 2009, Hitchman served as head fitness coach and first assistant coach forthe Shenzhen FC, Chinese Super League, Shenzhen, China. His responsibilitiesincluded overall fitness, conditioning, and training of the professional team. 

2007, Hitchman was the Head Fitness trainer for the National Team of El Salvador. The National Team defeated Denmark 1- 0 and tied Panama 0-0 in FIFA dates. During this time, the team jumped from 158 to 128 in FIFA ranking. Although the team lost in the semifinals in the UNCAF Cup, El Salvador qualified for the Golden Cup.


2004, Hitchman was the Head Fitness trainer for Atlante Toros Neza, a professional soccer team in Mexico City, Mexico. He was responsible for the overall training and conditioning of the players for the 2004 season. 

2003 – 2004, Hitchman was the Fitness Director at the Flyers youth soccer club in Pasadena, California. During this time he was responsible for the overall fitness, conditioning and training of more than 500 kids ranging in age from 11 - 19 years old. 

Hitchman was also the Head Fitness Trainer for the L.A. Galaxy from 1999 - 2002 and during his appointment, the Galaxy won the CONCAFA Championship in 1999, the MLS Open Cup in 2000, reached the semifinals of the MLS in 1999 and won the Friendly Cup in Argentinain 2000. In addition, he was also the Fitness Director for the USA National Team (project 40) in Chula Vista and oversaw the fitness, conditioning and training for the discovery players of the 12 teams in major league soccer. 


During his career, he has coached several professional athletes, including Paul Caligiuri, Cobi Jones, Alexi Lalas, Carlos Hermosillo, Luis Hernandez, Fabian Estay, JuanJose Gomez, Mauricio Cienfuegos and Kiko Narvaez.



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