Peregrinaciones desde Jujuy al cerro de las apariciones de la Santísima Virgen María, la Inmaculada Madre del Divino Corazón Eucarístico de Jesús.

Salta, Argentina

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Holy Mary at Salta, Argentine

1990 is the year when the Virgin Mary sightings start in the province of Salta. By that time Maria Livia Galliano Obeid had been married for twenty years, and she is a mother of three. She had never imagined to see the Virgin and certainly, she had never asked for.
One day, she heard an inner voice talking to her. It was the most beautiful, unearthly, heart – altering voice, and it was the first of a series of messages. The voice introduced herself as "The Mother of God".
At first, Maria Livia told nobody about this. She was reluctant to share this secret she had with "The Mother of God". However, she experimented great transformations, she felt overcome with great peace, and her soul was filled with an immense joy.
Still, later on, and moved by a great desire to share all this joy, she told her husband and her elder daughter. Afterwards, she also told her parents, brothers and sisters, doing so in a natural, spontaneous way.
At one point, Maria Livia thought it over, and decided to keep it private. She thought this was not going to transcend the private and spiritual realm.
As time went by, she opened her heart more and more to the Blessed Virgin, and they became very close. These first conversations were filled with love, kindness and respect on the part of this Celestial Lady. Moreover, they produced an utter feeling of surprise on Maria Livia, since the Holy Virgin asked her the following:

Would you receive me in your home? Do you accept to share your home with me?
Maria Livia answers: "Mother, I accept. Come and share my place with us. It is yours, it belongs to you from now on. I give it to you."
The Virgin then, smiles.
Another day the Virgin says: "My daughter, I wish to be crowned as the Queen of this home."
Maria Livia answers: "Yes, if that is your wish, I will obey you immediately."
The Virgin then, smiles again.
On another occasion the Virgin says: "Daughter, I want you to give me your children."
To what Maria Livia answers: "Mother, I give you my children, from today, they belong to you. They are yours."
Like before, the Virgin smiles.

Some other time, the Virgin asks: "Daughter, today I have come to ask you something from the bottom of my heart. I want to be between you and your husband."
To which Maria Livia answers: "From now on Mother, you will always be between us."
The Virgin grinned.

After all this the Mother asks: "God has an eternal plan for you. Do you accept this in God's name?" Maria Livia answered then that she accepted whatever God had planned.
The Virgin grinned again.
For the first time, the appearance of the Holy Virgin took place at her home. Hence, this is going to be a life altering event on her life.
Account of the Sighting of the Holy Virgin
Maria Livia feels compelled to bend on her knees and her soul gets exalted as she feels the need to raise her head. Then, and in the middle of a brilliant light appears a young girl, of about 14 years old. She has her arms and her hands straight downwards from where brilliant rays of light extend also downwards as crystal rays.

This young woman is outstandingly beautiful. Maria Livia is doubtless about the fact that She is the Blessed Virgin Mary. The apparition stands still staring at Maria Livia in silence. She has a girlish face, and her eyes are blue like the deep sea. Her face traits are very strong, so as to say that whoever sees Her will never be able to forget Her, and Her memory will remain like an imprint on the soul.
She is wearing a pristine white dress, a deep blue cloak with glimmering green lights and a white veil covering her head. She stands barefoot on a small cloud which is a few inches above the floor.
This young lady talks to Maria Livia introducing herself.
After this experience, Maria Livia did not eat for three days and she could hardly swallow her own saliva.
The Virgin has dictated to Maria Livia a prayer of consecration to Her Immaculate Heart:

Pure Mother I want to consecrate my heart, my will and my entire life.
Take me to the Heart of your Divine SON JESUS, so that he can live in me.
My Mother, I want to be absolutely yours. And from now on I will serve you faithfully in everything you ask me to do.
Be sweet company during my life, do not allow me to leave you, and at the time of death come for me, in order to enjoy eternity in your company.
 Mother, may you be blessed and praised for ever.

Currently, Saturday meetings are being held on the hill where the apparitions showed. On these occasions the Holy Rosary is recited and the prayer of intermediation is done, with Mrs. Maria Livia Galliano Obeid present, and having her acting as the human instrument chosen by God, the Holy Virgin appears asking her Son Jesus Christ for every single pilgrim. Hence, Our Lord Jesus Christ embraces us, answering to His Mother's request with all His love.
Mary the Virgin bless you.

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