Patagonica leather is a young enterprise whose mission is to satisfy both the domestic market and international demand.
All products are made of leather work selected from the first line of excellent quality and texture. One of them is the capybara.

The capybara is a wild South American animal, which is shown through the marks of scratches in the hides. Its obtention has its difficulties as it must be authorized by Wild Fauna Authorities and the capybara is an animal with limited reproduction. It is because of this reasons that products or whole strips of this leather with no scratches, holes or spots are extremely valuable. Even so some people always want to confirm the real authenticity of the capybara hide and to their request some hides are chosen with marks. It is inevitable to find them in articles of bigger size as in jackets, where marks are noticeable when looking at their backs. A way to verify authenticity is to look for three small dots in each mark. To the tact capybara leather feels like suede. We work leathers bought to tanneries authorized by Wild Fauna Authorities. This permission extends not only to the commercialization of products but to their exportation as well.


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