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Solar Solutions by n-ergy-solar – Insurance for the Future.

Welcome to the future!

Production of energy and protection of the environment using the best solar technology in combination with professional acknowledge for solar power plants with parabolic or photovoltaic system.

Clean, inexhaustible, daily
Solar energy has many advantages. It  is  easy to use and it has the most power from all renewable energy forms.
Just a small fraction of the solar radiation that hits the earth would be sufficient to cover world energy consumption. And that – at least with regard to primary energy costs – is free of charge: sunlight costs you nothing.

However, not only the quantity is impressive. Solar energy is particularly attractive due to its cleanliness. There are practically no emissions and no dangerous radiation. So it is well-suited to tackle current climatic problems.

In order to use solar energy, no new and complex technologies are needed that would probably make no contribution to generating energy in the near future, despite intense and costly research. Already today, largely matured technologies are available which allow efficient use of solar energy.

Last, but not least: fossil fuels are becoming increasingly scarce and ever more expensive. At the same time, energy demand is continuously increasing, especially in the aspiring Asian nations. We can predict that this will have significant political, economical and ecological consequences. Solar energy can be an efficient instrument to counteract this alarming development.

Why to use solar equipment?
Solar power modules are designed to sustainably provide a high energy yield.
    * Photovoltaic modules are among those with the greatest performance stability – they are therefore among the most profitable in the market.
    * We only use high quality products.
    * The solar power modules are designed to yield high energy per kilowatt of output installed.
    * The modules are virtually maintenance-free as they contain no moving parts.

That is why solar equipment ensures longevity and sustainable yields.

We rely on technologies of the future.

Certified product quality.

Photovoltaic installations must cope with quite a lot: storms, heavy rainfall, hail, and considerable temperature fluctuations.

We select the best solar equipment which operates reliably for many years and they are certified by the German Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV).

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