Merkadom success is justify not only because of its commitment to its customers & respect to all its employees, but because at its roots is the success in the business world of its founders.

    Understanding that the market seem overwhelmed with entities that identify them self as part of the industry, Merkadom founders and investors also understood that none could ever grow to their full potential because of their lack of focus and extreme level of informality.

    Extensive research was done, a business plan was created and considering our founders history of success at the United States with multiple organizations, an investment was made & its success was immediate and solid.

    As of today, our firm has agents in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Florida and has develop a network of distribution through the US and other parts of the world, within its exporting division has created strong joint ventures which has open the market for clients in Europe, the Island, along with our existing network of partners in the United States. Our Supply Management division, has offices in Santo Domingo & Bonao and it's currently expanding operation to Bavaro and Santiago.

    Our history will involves and we're certain that within a short period of time we'll update this page to illustrate our continuous growth.

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