José Rafael Ramírez Ramos

when you want do anything, you will can doing if you do it with you heart! / ....................................... ¡Cuando se quiere, se puede!

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    I graduated from Industrial Engineering, with a cerebral palsy. 
    If I could do it, you can do everything you wish.

    At present I am giving thanks to God every day, by the tests and good thing happened to me on my life, because for that, I'm a little better person and every day I want to be a better person

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    On this video from youtube you can see my Act of graduation of Industrial Engineering, subtitled in English

    My dream was always that many people read my story and you view that it does not matter the physical limitations to achieve great things in our lives if we do them with the heart. From 2013 until now I am working online and I have a good work. Trying to innovate with projects to improve the environment. However some of my personal expenses sometimes are very elevated by my disability status and my medical treatment for my cardiac arrhythmia.

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