José Rafael Ramírez Ramos

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  • Excuse me, my English is not very good

    My name is José Rafael Ramírez Ramos, I am from Venezuela; I am an Industrial Engineer and graduated on 4 December 2010, of the National Experimental University of Táchira State (UNET), finishing  20th in my class  by academic qualifications of a total of 84 graduate students. I am 39 years old.

    ​I have a physical disability due to my cerebral palsy since my birth.  This  only affects my motor skills and speaking. Even with my disability, it has not prevented me to perform academically.

    Rotary International District 4380 gave me in 2004, the Rotary prestige by "impressive example of what it means to have determination and to avoid being shot down by the adversities of life".

    My experience as a student started from pre-school where started the 7 years of age, in the garden of childhood, here I was treated by the psychologist Mercedes Orozco, who helped me to develop various skills and abilities; as I having the same intellectual coefficient of any child of that age.  I did two levels of kindergarten in one level, but because my disability prevents me from writing, I could not continue studying in regular schools. However, at the age of 9 years old, I went to a school where I learned to read in 3 months. Later. when I was 14 years old I again met with the psychologist Mercedes Orozco, who prepared me academically in 5 months to integrate me to the regular education system. Because my biggest impediment to continue my studies was that I could not write, we found the way to do so through an electric typewriter. By trial and error I managed to do it with my left elbow, then it became less difficult using a computer.

    At the age of 15. I joined as a regular student in the school of America Latin Integration (IDEAL), where I was generously awarded a scholarship by their owners, and according to my knowledge they started me in the 5th grade and provided me a desktop computer and a printer so I could copy and receive classes as any student. To do the activities in my house, a desktop computer was donated to me by Dr. Diego Orozco, who lent me their full support until the end of high school. The printer at my house at that time was donated to me by the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) of Táchira State.

    At the start of my studies, I worked with the program WordStart where I copied notes and I performed all of the tests, including mathematical equations. Also, I had use the program Flow to the area of technical drawing. Later, I worked under Windows 95 and 98 with packages of Office, especially Excel and Word.

    So I was as I began studying as a student regular; at the end of 5th grade awarded me a diploma by honoring the effort, at the end of 6th grade I was second in my class ratings, each school year from 7th to 4th year of high school was first in my class ratings, and in 5th year of high school was second in my class.

    Then to start my university studies, I presented for the first time the entrance examination at the National Experimental University of Táchira, I could not join at that time, so I did the course  preparation that they gave the University, however, they gave me the option to carry a letter to university authorities to that give me the entrance to the University, but I have not accepted, I wanted enter for own merit, and so did, present again the admissions test and I stayed in post 26 of a total of 712 students we presented for the college.

    Throughout my college personal experience, I saw the need for search various tools that allowed me to study the way most optimal possible in each field of the college. The main tool used was a common laptop without adjustments to hardware of any kind, through which I transcribed notes and I done lots of work and the college assessments; but to improve performance and meet the requirements of college, I used various software such as Maple, MathCad, Excel and Statsgraphics to make any kind of mathematical and statistical calculation, Microsoft Word to processing text together with a common scanner, Autocad in subjects such as drawing and others, Multisim for the field of electrical engineering laboratory, among other software of daily use for any student, and a recorder of sound in the English classes.

    During college with the support of teachers, who despite having no knowledge or training in how to evaluate a student with a motor disability which prevents me to write normally and I learned to do it with myleft elbow on a laptop, they accessed to giving me more time to carry out the assessments. Even some provided me consultancy on the use of some software. As well, I too had peer support to have the notes of classes and mobilization within the University until I graduated on December 4, 2010.

    On 2012 did me a surgery deep brain stimulation, I was did treatment until half 2015 on USA, thanks to lot peoples that they did read my story and they did some donations to me. I will always be very grateful with all they that did to helping me and I will always bless they for.
    The treatment It did not work out because on 2002 in Cuba did me a palidotomy left and those were very bad to my motor skills and speaking. Despite it I give thanks to God becase I am life and I can follow fighting.

    My dream was always that many people read my story and help everyone to view that it does not matter the physical limitations to achieve great things in our lives if we do them with the heart. From 2013 until now I am working online and I have a good work. Trying to innovate with projects to improve the environment.

    If you want doing some donation, thanks very much God bless you with very much wisdom and very much prosperity. and on you name will be the Glory to Jesus our Lord

    On the following link, you can see my identity document and records of my University, the UNET


    Medical Reports!AsbYJEn3BAEgr3NYNj3EhCc6gHT0

    Thanks you very much
    José Rafael Ramírez Ramos
    C.I.: 15.695.527 (Venezuela ID)
    Industrial Engineer


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