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*Sport-in-Spanien* - *Sport-in-Spain* - *Deporte-y-mas*

Avda. Hispanidad 24 / 3º-3ª
08397 Pineda de Mar


Tel. + 34 - 638 130 456


Organizer of international sports tournaments

and other events in Spain,

all combined with sport or leisure activities.

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Vacation does not always mean just sun, beach and sunbeds .....

How about sport in Spain ... associated with holiday?

And then .... with the team-mates play tournaments, meet other european teams, including excursions to Barcelona, visit F.C. Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia, admire the works of Gaudi, or visit in Madrid the Real Madrid C.F., the royal palace, Casa Campo, etc.  .... there is a lot more to admire.

Now you have the opportunity.

Take a look at our web site, there are all important Informations about our tournaments.


We offer international football tournaments, international events, training camps and much more.




For golf lovers and lovers of wine, we offer several international golf tournaments in the best wine regions of Spain  ......  LA RIOJA.


and visits the best wine cellars in Spain



All this you can enjoy now - in a pleasant environment - at the Catalan coast, in Madrid, or in the best wine regions in Spain.

With accommodation in 3 *** 4 **** or 5 ***** hotels, everything are organized with guide.


Do you want to enjoy it ? Whether with family, with friends or with your sports club ?


For more information, I am at your disposal .....


Cristina Gomes

Tel. (+34) - 93 769 25 85
Tel. (+34) - 638 130 456


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