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Giant Boys Zone

Clean Movies about Giant Boys



1.- Aliens in the Family a).- Episode 4: "You Don't Have a Pet to Be Popular" (1996): A girl shrinks in front of his little brother.  
2.- Baal Veer a).- Episodes 338-345 (2012): Baal Veer's friends shrunk to small size and are unseen for Baal Veer.  
3.- Belfry Witches a).- Episode 5: "?" (1999): A pair of witches shrink a woman and a young seminarian and a boy keep her inside a glass jar.  
4.- Strange Days at Blake Holsey High a).- Episode 13: "Shrink" (2003): Josie laments her short height, but is then shrunk to a far smaller size. She uses an answer machine message to prevent Victor from selling Pearadyne Labs, and learns of a strange operation taking place on the school, covered up by "Blake Holsey High's first compulsory pizza and movie night." The students create a diversion to get out of attending the mandatory school function and observe the inspection.  
5.- El Hormiguero (Spain) a).- Episode ?: "?" (?): The men of the program make believe some kids they enter to a room which shrinks or grows up.  
6.- Genie in the House a).- Episode 47: "Car Wash" (2008): Sophie and Emma want to make some extra money, so Philip suggests they wash his car for money. The girls hate washing Philip's car, when their next door neighbour, Peggy, says she'll pay to have her car washed, Sophie comes up with a plan: she asks Adil to shrink the car down to the size of a toy, so they can wash them in the sink. Max says the girls can wash his car, but Adil accidentally shrinks Max's car down while Philip is inside.  

b).- Episode 70: "Our House" (2009): Max's nephew Sam (brother of Louise) comes to stay for the day while Philip and Max try to fix a new Toy Rocket. Sophie accidentally wishes the house was like their old Dolls House and they find themselves at the Nephew's mercies as he plays with the Doll's House and its occupants.
7.- Gia dinh phep thuat a).- Episode 42: (?): A guy and a woman are shrunken and trapped inside a box which is held by a boy.  
8.- Goosebumps a).- Episode 68: "How I Got My Shrunken Head, Part 2" (1998): Mark learns of the jungle magic hidden in his shrunken head while searching for his aunt, and learns that her assistants want the shrunken head too.  
9.- Are you afaid of the dark? a).- Episode 67: "The Tale of the Zombie Dice" (1999): Tate loves to gamble and always accepts any challenge given to him, unlike Alex, who never does even when the odds are in his favor. But he may have put too much at stake when he accepts to play any game at Click's Emporium with the owner. If Tate wins, he'll get free passage for a year, but if he loses, Mr. Click will get his thumbprint. What Tate doesn't know is that losing means he will be owned by Mr. Click, who doesn't need an excuse to do something harsh to a cocky gambler who insults him, since he shrinks his victims to sell as pets.  
10.- Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show a).- Episode 1: "Honey, We've Been Swallowed by Grandpa" (1997): Wayne, Diane, and Amy are accidentally shrunk to near-microscopic size. Soon after, Grandpa Murdock (Eugene Roche) drops by to pick up his grandson for a fishing trip. Nick feigns illness to avoid going with his grandfather, who then leaves, but not before inadvertently swallowing his mini-relatives—van and all. Nick interprets Wayne's help message in the newspaper and realizing what has happened, rushes to his family's aid.  
  b).- Episode 5: "Honey, I Shrunk the Science Dude" (1997): Wayne accidentally shrinks himself and his brother, Randy, who find themselves in little trouble when they are mistaken for McDonald's Happy Meal Toys and brought home to a young boy who happens to be a fan of Randy's TV show, 'Randy Rude: The Science Dude' (a parody of Bill Nye the Science Guy).  
  c).- Episode 32: "Honey, I've Joined the Bigtop" (1998): Nick is running from a bunch of bullies when he takes a hard fall and a circus takes him home. The head guy steals everything in Wayne's lab so now the family must rescue Nick and they must do this by joining the circus themselves.  
11.- iCarly a).- Episode ?: (2007): Segment where tiny T-Bo interviews Freddie.  
12.- Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger a).- Episode 14: "Become Small" (1992): A boy and a magical elf shrink objects keeping inside glass jar, including their occupants, after they are free, the boy and the elf grows up to giant size rampaging throught the city.  
13.- Lab Rats a).- Episode 41: "My Little Brother" (2013): When Chase inadvertently causes Adam to shrink down to two inches, he takes advantage of the situation to get back at Adam for all the times he called him short. However, he begins to regret it when he loses Adam. Meanwhile, Bree gets control of the school for a day, but finds it hard to handle when Principal Perry decides to act like a student. Later, Bree calls Principal Perry's mom and it's revealed that whenever Principal Perry sees her mom she acts like a child.   
14.- Land of the Giants a).- Episode 1: "The Crash" (1968): On June 12, 1983, sub-orbital passenger flight 612 (aka Spindrift), on its way from Los Angeles to London, encounters a bizarre storm and is forced to make a crash landing. Those aboard – the crew: pilot Capt. Steve Burton (Gary Conway), co-pilot Dan Erickson (Don Marshall), stewardess Betty Hamilton (Heather Young), and passengers: engineer Mark Wilson (Don Matheson), pampered city girl and jet-setter Valerie Scott (Deanna Lund), bank robber (disguised as Naval Commander) Alexander B. Fitzhugh (Kurt Kasznar), orphan boy Barry Lockridge (Stefan Arngrim) and his dog Chipper – find themselves in the midst of a mysterious world dominated by giants. While exploring, Steve and Valerie are captured by a giant scientist and the others mount a rescue.  
  b).- Episode 5: "Terror-Go-Round" (1968): Barry and Fitzhugh are captured by a gypsy boy named Pepi who takes them to his uncle Carlos, a carnival man who plans to sell them to his fellow circus people. Steve leads an attempt to free the two captives by stealing the spark plugs from Carlos' truck, but events lead to everyone else being captured as well. Carlos then tortures Mark to force Steve into handing over the stolen plugs, but Steve instead tries to reason with Pepi into freeing his friends.  
  c).- Episode 9: "The Creed" (1968): Barry begins to suffer severe abdominal pains and the others learn he has appendicitis and requires surgery. Steve decides to conduct the operation himself, but he needs medical supplies from the giant's hospital. After sneaking into one, they are discovered by a surgeon, Dr. Brulle, who kindly offers to help them as per the Hippocratic Oath to assist those in need. The doctor however, is spied upon by a greedy janitor who phones the authorities in hopes of receiving a reward.  
  d).- Episode 11: "The Weird World" (1968): The Earthlings find a miniaturized tape recorder that leads to a crazed human astronaut named Major Kagen, who thinks they are spies for the giants. After they convince Kagen they are on his side, he then informs them that his spaceship landed intact, but was taken by the giants to a research center. The Earthlings then set out to break into the center and find the ship in hope it will be their ticket home. Note: "The Weird World" was intended to be the second episode aired; this accounts for the villainous behavior of Fitzhugh, who subsequently became a more admirable character.  
  e).- Episode 18: "Night of the Thrombeldinbar" (1969): Fitzhugh is captured by two orphan boys who believe he is the "Thrombeldinbar" – a magical elf celebrated like the Easter Bunny and grants wishes to children. Steve and Mark come to rescue him, but Fitzhugh realizes the boys are lonely and he stays to entertain them. The boys' wish is to find a loving home, but the elf can only grant a wish if he is burned in a fire at moon rise and a panicked Fitzhugh faces being burned alive in paper bag. He is saved for a moment however, by an organ grinder who is on the hunt for the little people, but the demented man threatens to harm the boys if they don't reveal where more Earthlings can be found. Note: Series regular Heather Young (Betty) does not appear in this episode.  
  f).- Episode 21: "Genius at Work" (1969): Barry and Fitzhugh encounter a boy genius named Jodar who has developed a super-growth formula. After Chipper eats it and grows to giant scale, Fitzhugh tries it and grows as well. Once at giant size, Fitzhugh goes around intimidating any giant he meets until he's arrested by police. When he is found with little people's money in his pocket, he is brought to Inspector Kobick. Meanwhile, Steve finds Jodar who is working on an antidote to the serum but isn't finished. Pressed for time, Steve consumes the growth formula and poses as Fitzhugh's attorney to get him released, but Kobick's suspicions become roused when he doesn't buy Steve's cover story.  
  g).- Episode 22: "Return of Inidu" (1969): Seeking shelter from a storm, the little people enter a haunted house, but they soon realize the phantoms they see are illusions created by a magician named Inidu who was only trying to drive off a pair of trespassing boys. Inidu befriends the Earthlings and promises not to turn them in for he is also wanted by police. Meanwhile, the boys tell their tale of their ghost encounter over the radio which leads Inidu's former assistant Enog to the house. When Enog arrives, he tries to poison his old mentor and steal a book containing the secrets behind the magician's tricks. Note: Series regulars Heather Young (Betty) and Stefan Arngrim (Barry) do not appear in this episode.  
  h).- Episode 23: "Rescue" (1969): While running from an SID officer, the Earthlings are spotted by two giant children, who fall down a well and become trapped. The giants try to dig them out, but a cave-in thwarts their efforts. After Inspector Kobick captures Steve and Dan, Valerie and Betty go to the parents of the children and offer to help them if they can convince Kobick to release their friends. After some prodding, Kobick puts duty aside and lets the Steve and Dan help the children. In the meantime, Mark and Fitzhugh find another way into the well and try to slip their friends past Kobick.  
  i).- Episode 25: "Shell Game" (1969): While down at the waterfront looking for shrimp, Steve, Valerie and Betty hide in a conch shell from a deaf boy named Dal, but he eventually finds them. The parents, facing financial problems, believe they can turn the Earthlings in for a reward and with the boy's keen eye, they follow the little people's footprints back to the Spindrift and capture the ship as well. Mark learns hearing aids never work for the boy, but using the Earthling's more advanced technology, Mark creates a seashell hearing aid that does work and tries to convince the parents that they could sell the technology to make money instead of turning them in.  
  j).- Episode 39: "Land of the Lost" (1969): Steve, Mark, Valerie and Barry become caught in a toy balloon and end up pulled by a strange force over a thousand miles across a violent ocean to a land ruled by a ruthless dictator named Titus. The despot, however, has no knowledge of the land across the ocean and thinks all the inhabitants are as small as the little people, but when Steve explains that giants live there as well, Titus demands he bring back proof of their existence and technology. While Titus holds the others hostage, Steve travels back to get photos of the giants and to fetch Dan and Fitzhugh who try to sabotage Titus's attraction beam that pulled them there. Note: Series regular Heather Young (Betty) does not appear in this episode.  
  k).- Episode 43: "Pay the Piper" (1970): A mysterious flute player lures Dan, Valerie, Betty and Fitzhugh into a cage with his mesmerizing music. The man claims to not only to be the fabled Pied Piper of Hamelin, but a being capable of traveling between worlds and changing his size and appearance. The Piper takes the captured humans to a giant Senator, but the politician refuses to pay him for the capture. As revenge, the Piper tries to lure the Senator's young son away. Mark devises a way to cancel out the Piper's music by recording the music and playing it backwards. The Piper comes up with another scheme, and reduced to the size of the humans, he offers Fitzhugh a ride back to Earth if he disables the tape recorder.  
  l).- Episode 48: "A Small War" (1970): The little people encounter a giant boy named Alek who has come to play war with another unseen opponent named Falco. Armed with several mechanical army men, and a remote controlled jeep, tank and airplane, Alek launches an assault upon the little people who he thinks are Falco's mechanical toys. Unfortunately for the Earthlings, at their scale, the war toys are just as lethal as the real things and must be stopped. Steve tries to reason with the boy, but is unsuccessful; and after Alek "bombs" the Spindrift camp with stones from the plane, a fed up Mark attempts to stop the child even if it means having to harm him.  
15.- Minami Kun No Koibito (1990) a).- All Episodes (1990): Based upon the manga of the same name, the story is about a girl named Chiyomi who shrunk by an accident and is taken by her boyfriend Minami-kun.  
16.- Minami Kun No Koibito (1994) a).- All Episodes (1994): Based upon the manga of the same name, the story is about a girl named Chiyomi who shrunk by an accident and is taken by her boyfriend Minami-kun.  
17.- Minami Kun No Koibito (2004) a).- All Episodes (2004): Based upon the manga of the same name, the story is about a girl named Chiyomi who shrunk by an accident and is taken by her boyfriend Minami-kun.  
18.- Minami Kun No Koibito (2015) a).- All Episodes (2015): Based upon the manga of the same name, the story is about a girl named Chiyomi who shrunk by an accident and is taken by her boyfriend Minami-kun.  
19.- My Mother the Car a).- Episode 19: "The Incredible Shrinking Car" (1966): Captain Manzini uses a molecular compressor on the Porter to render it useless to Dave.  
20.- Power Rangers Turbo a).- Episodes 16-17: "Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, Part I, II" (1997): Divatox sends Shrinkasect to mess with the Blue Senturion's hardware. The Shrinkasect monster shrinks the Rangers while Justin is trying to stop Bulk and Skulls car. The Rangers attempt to break out of Divatox's submarine. Meanwhile, Justin tries to unshrink the Blue Senturion and find the detonator that Bulk and Skull have mistakenly taken.  
21.- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch a).- Episode 59: "Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby" (1998): Salem and Sabrina wind up inside a tiny spaceship that accidentally flies up Libby's nose, eventually getting stuck inside her brain. Meanwhile, Hilda tries to break up Zelda and Mr. Kraft by giving Zelda some magic chocolates that cause Zelda to find Mr. Kraft annoying.  
22.- Sesame Street a).- Episode ?: "Tiny Climber" (?): A tiny climber climbs to the top of a boy.  

b).- Episode 4274: "Elmozilla" (?): Elmo asks Abby to make him bigger.
23.- Son Pari a).- Episodes 243-245: "?" (2000): A group of kids shrunk to tiny size and trying to get the attention of some people.  
24.- Supertorpe a).- Episode 35: "Mini Torpe" (2011): Torpe shrinks to small size.  
25.- The Charmings a).- Episode 5: "The Incredible Shrinking Prince" (1987): Attempting to find a way to earn money, Lillian concocts a diet potion, but it turns out that it is actually a "reducing" formula; Eric inadvertently drinks it and shrinks to 12 inches high.  
26.- The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn a).- Episode 4: "The Little People" (1968): Tom, Huck and Becky get shipwrecked and separated on an island. Huck meets the Lilliputs and is to be wed to King Bigun's daughter Tina. Tom and Becky rescue a hunter Bitto and his partner and head to the Lilliputs to help each other from a tribe of savages.  
  b).- Episode 18: "Strange Experiment" (1969): Tom, Huck and Becky enter the house of a mad scientist Dr. Filostro who shrinks Huck. Tom and Becky escape their prison and get Huck to his normal size. In the chaos that follows, Filostro, Creech and a hideous monster all get shrunk.  
27.- The Zack Files a).- Episode 16: "Anchovy of Doom" (2001): Zack, while working on a scientific project, commands an anchovy's pizza. He discovers he has the power to shrink people (Gwen, Dickie, Tad, Todd and Vernon) and to put them in a terrarium.  
28.- Wicked Science a).- Episode 14: "Secret Lab" (2004): Elizabeth sets up a secret lab in the school's basement, and orders Garth to shrink objects from the storeroom; but Dina discovers him. Panicking, he shrinks Dina.  
  b).- Episode 27: "The Flies" (2005): A new student arrives at Sandy Bay School, Jack. His only wish is to discover Elizabeth and Toby's secret. Elizabeth has turned Toby's cousin Sasha and Russ into flies.  
29.- Wizards of Waverly Place a).- Episode 3: "I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain" (2007): Alex decides to cheat on her Spanish test using pocket elves, who have in-depth knowledge of diverse subjects. She cheats successfully and is allowed to go on a date that night with Riley. To get revenge for Alex's snitching, Justin and Max try to plant the pocket elf in her purse, who then bites her, causing her to have Chocoholism (an uncontrollable craving for chocolate).  
  b).- Episode 83: "Journey to the Center of Mason" (2010): After she finds out that she will lose her powers, Alex can no longer date Mason, so they decide to try being best friends instead. After watching a film at the theaters, Harper, Alex, and Mason go home, Dean, who was Alex's Ex-Boyfriend comes and asks Alex to get back together with him. Mason gets jealous. When Dean brings a gift for Alex, Mason then asks what Alex's relationship is with Dean, and Max tells him that Dean and Alex used to date, making Mason more jealous. Mason then turns into a werewolf and eats Dean. Alex, Justin, and Max come up with a solution to turn Justin's toy Captain Jim Bob submarine big and go in it. They then shrink it and go into Mason's mouth. While there, Alex, Max, and Justin see Mason's thoughts, which are all of Alex. They get Dean out, and Alex, when Harper, Max, and Justin leave, Alex tells Dean that he was knocked out and the doctor's solution was for them all to dress up as cows. Dean then gives her his offer once again: he wants to get back with her. Alex tells him 'no', and then gets back together with Mason, with deciding to get back to the Wizard Competition.  
30.- Wonderbug a).- Episode ?: "The Incredible Shrinking Wonderbug" (1976): Wonderbug shrinks to small size.  
31.- Barney and Friends a).- Episode 82: "Tree-Mendous Trees" (1997): Curtis is upset about playing a tree in a school play. Barney and the kids learn about trees and how they grow.  
32.- Charmed a).- Episode 151: "Scry Hard" (2005): Zankou sends his underlings to attack Leo in hopes of luring the sisters out of their house so that he can search for the Nexus and release the Shadow, the ultimate power. Terrified after witnessing demons attack his parents, Wyatt magically shrinks Piper and Leo and traps them inside a dollhouse for their protection. Leo also becomes the new headmaster of magic school.  
33.- Cyberkidz a).- Episode 3: "Gigazoid Brainstorm" (1996): One of the Cyberkidz is shrunken inside a tall robot.  
34.- Mako: Island of Secrets a).- Episode 45: "Surprise!" (2015): Zac plans a surprise party for Evie's birthday without telling her. He acts like he has forgotten it's her birthday which sends her into a depression. To cheer Evie up, Mimmi lets her try on her moon ring. When Mimmi is out of the room, the ring accidentally activates and shrinks Evie. While shrunken, Evie falls into a fish bowl that Zac intends to give to her as a gift. The girls take the fish bowl to the party unaware that Evie is inside. At the party, Evie tries unsuccessfully to get someone's attention. When Evie fails to show up and Zac learns how he unintentionally made her feel, he becomes depressed and believes she is now refusing to talk to him. As Mimmi tries to comfort him, he tells her how special Evie is to him. Evie overhears this and is greatly touched. She also manages to finally get Zac's attention. The mermaids restores Evie to normal size and she expresses her gratitude to Zac for his beautiful words. The gang then returns to the party to enjoy themselves.
35.- Ultraman Leo a).- Episode 26: "Ultraman King VS El Mago" (1974): Ultraman is shrunk by El Mago.
36.- Dwarfina a).- All Episodes: (2011): Dwarfina has some interactions with his giant boy friend.
37.- Grandpa in my Pocket a).- All Episodes (2010): Jason Mason has a grandpa which shrinks when he wears his magic cap.
38.- The New Adventures of Grandpa in my Pocket a).- All Episodes (2014): The grandpa returns with his magic cap and this time with two new grandkids (unfortunately one of them is a girl).
39.- El Chapulín Colorado a).- Episode 141: "Todo queda en familia" (1976): El Chavo requests El Chapulín Colorado's help in order to help Don Ramón, finally El Chapulín shrinks to small size in front of El Chavo.
40.- Chespirito a).- Episode 147: "El Chapulín Colorado en la Vecindad" (1983): El Chavo requests El Chapulín Colorado's help, finally El Chapulín shrinks to small size in front of El Chavo.

b).- Episode 424: "El Chapulín Colorado en la Vecindad" (1988): El Chavo requests El Chapulín Colorado's help, finally El Chapulín shrinks to small size in front of El Chavo.
41.- Jennifer Slept Here a).- Episode 6: "One of Our Jars Is Missing" (1983): After seeing their son "talking to a lamp", George and Susan hire a phony expert on poltergeists (played by Zelda Rubinstein, who played a similar role in the film Poltergeist) to rid the house of Jennifer... and to Joey's shock, it works! Now, Joey and Jennifer must convince her to restore Jennifer's power before a letter that Joey accidentally wrote is mailed off.
42.- Selena a).- Episode ?: (2006): Selena is shrunk and handled by her boyfriend.
43.- The Ghost Hunter a).- Episode ?: (2000): William shrinks a ghost keeping him inside a glass jar.
44.- Kamen Rider Den-O a).- Episode ?: (2007): A villain is shrunken in front of the hero guys.
45.- Odd Squad a).- Episode 22a: "The Potato Ultimato" (2015): Otto shrinks but fortunately he grows up to giant size.
46.- The Return of the Antelope a).- All Episodes (1986-1988): The Return of the Antelope was a UK TV series aired on ITV between 1986 and 1988. It was a children's fantasy series about two English children, circa 1899, who befriend a group of shipwrecked Lilliputians.
47.- Vivan los Niños! a).- Episode 115: (2003): The judge Malvino Buenrostro shrinks himself with his shrink gun in front of Diego and his friends, there is also a scene where Damian grows up to giant size.
48.- Yo Gabba Gabba! a).- Episode ?: (?): A samll segment where a tiny musical band plays in front of giant boys (and a giant girl too unfortunately).
49.- Jeannie Aur Juju a).- Episodes 221-223 (2013): Vikram expresses his frustation over the fact that he has not been able to fly in a while, thereby leaving him utterly jobless and bored. In order to cheer Vikram up, Jeannie uses her magic and shrinks him, afterwhich she forcefully makes him fly a toy plane, causing Vikram much trouble. Meanwhile, Hidhi receives a mail via Joogle Jin warning all jeanies and jins to use their magic carefully as there is some trouble with the magic star, which in turn would disrupt their magic as well.
50.- Giant Kikito behind wall A giant photography of a mexican baby boy named Kikito was installed behind the wall ubicaded in Tecate, Mexico. It really looks like a cute colossal mexican boy looking behind the wall.
51.- Some Assembly Required a).- Episode 23: "Gizmospinatron" (2014): Jarvis dreams of a giant Astor.
52.- Zeke and Luther a).- Episode 23: "Tall Stack of Waffles" (2010): Luther decides to retire from skateboarding after he is told he will grow to be over 7 feet tall.
53.- Jin and Jun a).- Episode 7: "?" (?): Jun traps Jin inside a jar.

b).- Episode 10: "?" (?): Jun frees a genius boy from a jar.

c).- Episode 20: "?" (?): Jun frees Jin from a jar.

d).- Episode 23: "?" (?): Jun traps Jin inside a jar.

e).- Episode 24: "?" (?): Jin is shrunken in front of Jun.
54.- Jin dan Jun Bikin Kepo a).- Episode 1: "Jun met Om Jin" (?): Jun traps Om Jin inside a jar.

b).- Episode 3: "Jin and Jun camped" (?): Om Jin is shrunken while he is camping with Jun and his friends.

c).- Episode 12: "Jun & magic shoes" (?): Om Jin is shrunken while he is sleeping with Jun and accidentaly is thrown away, landing into a glass full of water.
55.- Jin dan Jun Makin Gokil a).- Episode 15: "Jun in new school" (?): Om Jin is shrunken and lives inside a drawer, later he is shrunken rides on Jun's shoulder.

b).- Episode 18: "Kypo hypnotists" (?): Om Jin is shrunken next to Jun in his bedroom.

c).- Episode 19: "Jun is a detective" (?): Om Jin is shrunken and rides on Jun's shoulder while he is walking.

d).- Episode 21: "Pepper pepper is great" (?): Om Jin is turned into a fly and is captured by the bad boys, Jun has to rescue him from them.
56.- Wingin' It a).- Episode 2: "She Blinded Me With Science" (2010): A small scene of a shrunken Carl in front of Porter.
57.- Mighty Med a).- Episode 4: "Sm'Oliver's Travels" (2013): Oliver gets accidentally shrunk and has interactions with Kaz.
58.- Shining Time Station a).- All 65 Episodes (1989-1993): Some boys have interactions with the tiny Mr. Conductor.
59.- The Suite Life on Deck a).- Episode 52: "So You Think You Can Date?" (2010): Cody imagines a mini Zack on his shoulder to give him some dating advice.
60.- Křeček v noční košili (Hamster in the Nightgown) a).- Episode 3: "The big event begins" (198?): A boy enlarges his friends to giant size.
61.- Massive Monster Mayhem  a).- Some Episodes (2017): It’s a show with three contestants who are in pre-teen/ teenage years has to pass two rounds before one is left to face a monster, thus growing into a giant in the process.
62.- Giant Saver a).- Episodes 31-32: "?" (2014): Tino is accidently enlarged to giant size.
63.- Bez Bebek a).- Episode 17: "?" (2007?): A mother shrinks a bad guy in front of her sons in order to hide him of her husband.

b).- Episode 18: "?" (2007?): A mother shrinks herself in front of her sons.
64.- Vighnaharta Ganesh a).- Episode 67: "?" (2017): A deity boy grow up to mega size and stomps the Earth, the galaxy and a male character.
65.- Floogals a).- All 52 Episodes (2016): The Floogals arrive to the Earth in order to examine earthlings objects and they live with a human family, having a lot of interactions with a giant (for them) faceless boy named Luke.
66.- McGee and Me a).- All 12 Episodes (1989-1992): It is about a normal boy and his imaginary friend, McGee and how they use The Bible to make it through the pitfalls of growing up.
67.- The Adventures of Jasmeen a).- All 13? Episodes (?): It is about an arabian boy who has contact with a tiny imaginary man who tells him tales.
68.- Five Children and It a).- Episodes 4 and 5 (1991): The children fend off a kidnapper, and Robert becomes a giant./Robert finds temporary employment as a giant in the local carnival, and then the baby becomes a grown man.
69.- Legenda a).- Episode 27: Liliput Dan Kelinci Ajaib (?): A giant boy has interactions with some people.
70.- Mike & Angelo a).- Season 3 Episode 7: "Brett Shrinks" (1991): Brett is the victim of one of Angelo's crazy inventions.
71.- Mr. Majeika a).- Season 1 Episode 4: "?" (1988): Mr. Majeika is turned into a bee and landed on a boy's nose.
72.- Emu's World a).- Season 4 Episode 4: "?" (1983): Emu is shrunk in front of some kids.
73.- Deian a Loli a).- Episodes ?: "?" (?): It's a Scottish Gaelic serie about a pair of kids with magical powers, where in some episodes Deian has interactions with shrunken or tiny people. Unfortunately we don't have enough information about this serie.
74.- Watt on Earth a).- Season 1 Episode 8: "?" (1991): Watt converts himself into a key and is picked up by Sean.

b).- Season 2 Episode 1: "?" (1992): Watt converts himself into a golf ball and a pencil and is picked up by Sean.




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