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Clean Movies about Giant Boys



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1.- Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog a).- Episode 15: "Too Tall Tails" (1993): Robotnik takes Professor Von Schlemmer hostage and uses his growth machine to try and enlarge himself. However, the machine backfires, and enlarges Tails instead in nearby Wienerville. Sonic must keep the famished Tails from getting into more danger as Robotnik tricks the citizens into thinking that Sonic is the villain, while Robotnik is the hero planning to save the city.  
  b).- Episode 53: "Honey, I shrunk the Hedgehog" (1993): Sonic, Tails, and a group of miners are hit by Robotnik's shrink ray and must work together to undo the effects.  
2.- Aladdin a).- Episode 4: "Do the Rat Thing" (1994): While being bothered by a prince from a neighboring kingdom who wishes to marry her, Jasmine is further infuriated with Aladdin when he addresses her as "princess" instead of her name, and that Aladdin won't let her accompany him on the streets because she doesn't know the first thing of being a street rat. To prove him wrong, she goes on the streets with Iago. But when she steals a magic mirror, it turns her into a rat and Iago into a lizard. Now the two have to sneak into the palace to find Aladdin so they can get Genie to reverse the curse.  
  b).- Episode 53: "When Chaos comes calling" (1994): Chaos is a flying cat with godlike powers who thrives on the unpredictable. When Mirage can't destroy Agrabah, she convinces him that the place is too commonplace and boring, so that Chaos pays Aladdin a visit. While there, he gives surprising twists to Aladdin's life, such as an evil twin and genie, and sets out to make his life more exciting. All the while, Mirage watches, unaware that this is really just a clever plan by Chaos himself to teach her a lesson about always being evil.  

c).- Episode 57: "Love at First Sprite" (1995): While flying around with Carpet in the sky one day, Aladdin is spotted by several tiny sprites who follow him home to the palace. The sprites are curious and inquisitive, not to mention destructive. The sprites soon exhibit the ability to lift Aladdin and his friends into the air, thus allowing them to "fly" on their own without Carpet. Feeling left out, Carpet wanders off to be with Iago (who shouts at the sprites that he already knows how to fly) and Abu. Things start out friendly, but quickly turn ugly when the sprites carry Aladdin and company away in the clouds and refuse to let them go home. Genie believes he can convince them, and makes himself very big and starts yelling, demanding the sprites end their fun, but the sprites make a plan, and work together to fly around Genie in circles, causing Genie to involuntarily shape-shift and find himself tied up completely in a knot.

Genie is left to try to free himself, while the sprites make it clear to Aladdin and his friends that they're in control. Their demands of endless play anger Aladdin and the others, to which the sprites reply that they "don't like them anymore." To teach Aladdin and his friends a lesson, they lift the palace into the air, throw Aladdin and company inside, and drop it to the earth. Genie strains to save the day, but it's Carpet who comes to the rescue by tricking the sprites into chasing him around and around the falling palace, thus slowing its progress. Everyone praises Carpet, and Aladdin vows to let Carpet do the flying from here on out.

d).- Episode 59: "The Lost City of the Sun" (1995): The sprites have been captured by Mozenrath, who plans to use them to find a lost city that has a weapon needed to rule the desert. A few escape and warn Aladdin, and they head out to stop Mozenrath and rescue the other sprites.
3.- Alvin and the Chipmunks a).- Episode 8b: "The Incredible Shrinking Dave" (1983): Dave has a nightmare of himself getting smaller and smaller.  
  b).- Episode 102: "Funny, we shrunk the adults" (1990): Thanks to one of Simon's inventions, Dave and Zelda are accidentally shrunk leaving the Chipmunks and the new neighborhood kids – Deena and her brothers; Tariq and Ali – to create chaos around the house.  
4.- ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks a).- Episode 21a: "Theozilla" (2015): Theodore grows up to giant size.  

b).- Episode 67b: "Queen Bee" (2019): Brittany is shrunk to tiny size by the Simon's shrink ray and has some interactions with the now giant Alvin.
5.- Animaniacs a).- Episode 46a: "Turkey Jerky" (1993): Native American Warners protect their pet turkey Mr. Gobble from Myles Standish who wants him for a Thanksgiving feast.  
6.- The Neverending Story a).- Almost All Episodes (1995-1996): A big interaction between Bastian and small/shrunken creatures.
7.- Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse a).- Episode 18: "The Shrinkerator" (2012): Ken invents a shrinking ray and accidentally shrinks Barbie and Raquelle.  
8.- Bolek and Lolek a).- Episode 4: "Tom Thumb" (1970): The small boy shrinks.  
9.- Ben 10 a).- Episode 17: "Gwen 10" (2006): When Ben wakes up one morning, he finds the Omnitrix missing from his arm. Weirder still is the fact that Gwen and Grandpa Max have no idea what he's talking about when he asks about it. Ben soon discovers that he's actually reliving the very first day of summer, the same day that Ben found the Omnitrix to begin with, but in an alternate reality. At the campsite, Ben tries to find the Omnitrix as it crashes to Earth, only to find out that it has already been found by Gwen. Gwen quickly adjusts to the Omnitrix's powers, with much greater ease than Ben. But Gwen uses the Omnitrix much more than required, hence when actual need for Omnitrix is required, i.e., when Vilgax attacks she finds the Omnitrix is discharged and will take some time before it becomes usable. Also, unlike the first episode Vilgax was not injured at all earlier and is already heading for Earth to take it back from her, preferably in a very painful way. Ben's going to have to prove himself to be a hero without the Omnitrix to back him up if he wants to save Gwen and give her advice on which alien to use in which situation as she finds herself at loss in that department, then as she gets captured by Vilgax and then rescued by Ben and Max, the Omnitrix flies off of Gwen and lands on Max, granting him the Omnitrix's tremendous energy and power witch leads to ben getting upset. Aliens transformed into: Heatblast (Gwen), Grey Matter (Gwen), Diamondhead (Gwen), Fourarms (Gwen), Upgrade (Max).  
10.- Biker Mice from Mars a).- Episode 29: "I, Greasepit" (1994): Limburger's incompetence finally lands him a demotion from the High Chairman. When the High Chairman appoints Greasepit in his place, he is actually able to capture The Last Chance garage.  
11.- Captain N: The Game Master a).- Episode 6: "Wishful Thinking" (1989): The N Team discovers a magic lamp, so Pit wishes himself to become bigger – and everything goes horribly wrong. To make matters worse, Mother Brain has set her sights on getting it for herself and sends Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo to steal it.  
  b).- Episode 26: "Germ Wars" (1990): Kevin contracts a video virus he has no immunity to – so the N Team shrinks themselves down and goes inside Kevin's body to battle the virus.  
12.- Captain Planet a).- Episode 21: "Population Bomb" (1991): The Planeteers learn that the world is very overpopulated and some countries try to slow it down. Wheeler, annoyed at the idea of anyone recommending how many children to have, goes out windsurfing despite an approaching storm. He is blown off-course and is washed up on an island with a miniature city. The inhabitants, genetically affected mice with human characteristics including overpopulation and its resulting polluted land, capture Wheeler for food. Wheeler also learns the mouse civilization is a dictatorship whose junta plans to invade and colonize Hope Island.  
  b).- Episode 36: "An Inside Job" (1991): Sly Sludge and four of the Planeteers learn first hand the terrible effects of untreated sewage when MAL and Dr. Blight shrink the EcoSub (and them) to microscopic size and put them into polluted water, which Kwame unwittingly drinks. The Planeteers must battle hideous water-borne parasites in Kwame's body so that he can recover, and restore themselves to proper size.  
  c).- Episode 96: "In Zarm's Way" (1995): Zarm makes a bet with Gi after she claims that children are not born with hate, placing two neighboring children in a computer simulation where they can shape the world via thought, along with the shrunken Planeteers, threatening to expose the children to a traffic accident if Gi loses. Zarm allows the kids' feuding parents to influence them, causing the children to turn on each other, but the Planeteers and Captain Planet show them the error of their ways. Last appearance of Zarm.  
  d).- Episode 97: "No Small Problem" (1995): Sly Sludge shrinks the Planeteers and sends them to a dump. There, they build a plane, but the shrinking ray is wearing off, and the Planeteers call Captain Planet, who saves the Planeteers, and closes down Sludge's operations. Last appearances of Sly Sludge and OOze.  
  e).- Episode 103: "Frog Day Afternoon" (1995): Dr. Blight steals frogs from their habitat, but are returned with encouragement from Captain Planet, who ties Blight up.  
13.- Challenge of the Gobots a).- Episode 12: "Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray" (1984): The Gobots are shrunken and are picked by a boy.  
14.- Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers a).- Episode 62: "Puffed Rangers" (1990): The Rangers go to Hong Kong, where a cereal manufacturer is smuggling cars into the US without import fees by shrinking them into cereal toys.  
15.- Creepy Crawlers a).- All Episodes (1994-1996): When the evil insects were defeated, they were shrunken and kept by Chris for his collection.  
  b).- Episode 23: "The Incredible Shrinking Crawlers" (1996): We haven't found this episode on all the net, but in according to the title, we supose the Crawlers are shrunken and helped by Chris, we wish to know more about this episode.  
16.- Cubix a).- Episode 16: "The Incredible Shrinking Robot" (2003): Unfortunately Connor is shrunken and has few interactions with Chip, it isn't a very good episode for us.  
17.- Darkwing Duck a).- Episode 4: "Getting Antsy" (1991): The owner of the local miniature golf course, Lilliput, has invented a helmet that allows him to communicate with ants. He then uses a shrink ray to shrink the buildings and landmarks of St. Canard, using the ants to haul the now-shrunk buildings back to the miniature golf, where they become part of the course. Eventually Lilliput shrinks Darkwing down to an even tinier size.  
18.- David the Gnome a).- Episode 25: "The Gift" (1987): David goes to see an old friend of his, a human doctor named Walter. David wants to give Walter a pocketwatch that has been in the gnome family for generations. David tells Walter a story about the time he let a human boy enter the world of the gnomes. The boy's name was Wimpy and David used magic to shrink him and his dog down to gnome size. David took Wimpy around the forest and let him meet his fox friend, Nimble. Nimble and his wife had just had cubs, and Wimpy named one cub Swift. Later Wimpy went to David and Lisa's house for dinner, and the boy was fascinated by the pocketwatch. We find out that Wimpy grew up to be Walter. David's son Harold did not want the watch, but told David to give it to the best doctor he knew. Walter had always wanted the watch and thought it was a heartfelt gift.  
19.- Defenders of the Earth a).- Episode 34: "The Carnival of Doctor Kalihari" (1986): The defenders shrunk and are helped by their kids.  
20.- Dinosaucers a).- Episode 34: "That Shrinking Feeling" (1987): The dinosaucers are shrunken and helped by Ryan and his sister.  
21.- Dragon Tales a).- Episode 7a: "The Giant of Nod" (1999): Zak and Wheezie's fighting cause the Giant of Nod, a twelve-inch "giant" to trap them in a tree trunk. It's up to Zak and Wheeze's getting along to save them.  
  b).- Episode 22b: "Get Offa My Cloud" (2000): Max accidentally makes a carrot grow giant, trapping him high up on a cloud.  
  c).- Episode 45a: "One Big Wish" (2001): Max is tired of being little, so he makes a wish at a fountain which makes him grow giant.  
22.- Ducktales a).- Episode 32: "Microducks from Outer Space" (1987): Scrooge misuses an alien size-shifting device, and accidentally ends up shrinking himself, the boys, and Webby, to the size of ants.  
23.- Ewoks a).- Episode 22: "Gone with the Mimphs" (1986): Wicked is rescued by the samll creatures called Mimphs.  
24.- Ferdy a).- Episode 25: "The Forest Fire" (1984): Lucy and Olivia walks through the forest. Strange smells but here smoke? Have the scout again made a fire in the wood? The going gets tough!  
  b).- Episode 31: "The battle at the white stone" (1984): Gwendolyn is very excited - for weeks waiting for a sign of life Ferdy. My last must seek him. Tolpatsch starts a search operation. Will the friends Ferdy find?  
  c).- Episode 47: "The fly agaric" (1984): In class today are off the mushrooms, a poisonous mushroom to be picked. Gwendolyn has her new apartment in Toadstool and the lands in the basket. Can Ferdy and his friends Gwendolyn free?  
25.- Fix and Foxi a).- Episode 6b: "Mini-Knox" (2000): Professor Knox's meglomania cure makes him shrink, forcing Fix & Foxi to restore him.  
  b).- Episode 18b: "Big Trouble" (2000): Lupo plays with Professor Knox's size changing machine and Fix & Foxi proceed to stop him.  
26.- Futurama a).- Episode 105: "Benderama" (2011): The Professor invents a machine that can scan an object and produce two smaller copies, consuming matter provided to it in the process. He uses it to make smaller sweaters for himself, since he is shrinking and feeling colder as he ages. Bender originally refuses the Professor's request to fold them, and then stuffs the replicator into his chest cavity and uses it to make two duplicates of himself so they can each fold one sweater. Before they can do so, the Planet Express crew (including the two new Benders) is sent to deliver a shipment of personal hygiene products to an ugly, giant alien humanoid who lives in a cave. He endures the crew's comments about his appearance until Fry inadvertently insults his mother, causing him to lash out and nearly destroy the ship before it escapes.  
27.- Galaxy High a).- Episode 13: "It Came from Earth" (1986): Galaxy High is in the Zuggleball championships, and Doyle intends to prove he's a "big man" by winning the game singlehandedly. He's doing pretty well, until he gets knocked unconscious. Doyle then wakes up on Earth and realizes that 15 years have passed, in which time he's grown 400 feet tall. Aimee is a doctor, Milo is President, Beef is a general, Gilda is a reporter, Creep is a famous singer, Roland is a sheriff (dressed like a Keystone Cop)... pretty much everyone from Galaxy High is now on Earth (with a few exceptions; Wendy, Reggie, and Ms. McBrain are nowhere to be seen). Prof. Icenstein has been trying to find a cure for Doyle's mysterious growth, and when Doyle wakes up, he takes off to find him. Along the way, he causes a great deal of damage, and the military, led by Beef, is dispatched to stop Doyle. Suddenly, he wakes up as his proper size and realizes that it was a nightmare; in the real world he was knocked out for 15 seconds. Having learned his lesson, Doyle finishes the game, this time being a team player.  
28.- Geronimo Stilton a).- Episode 43: "The Incredible Shrinking Stiltons" (2012): The Stiltons are shrunken to small size.  
29.- George Shrinks a).- Episode 6: "George Unshrinks" (2003): When George, Dad, and Junior all have dreams about being different sizes, they find out that staying their original size would have prevented a lot more problems.  
  b).- Episode 26: "Monster Mash" (2003): A new neighbour proves that everyone's negative first impression of her was wrong with her clever contributions to George and company's annual Monster Movie Marathon.  
30.- Go Diego Go! a).- Episode 35: "Diego's African Safari Rescue" (2007): Diego helps some hippopotamus which have been shrunken by an african witch  
31.- Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs! a).- Episode 9: "I wish!" (2005): When Harry is disappointed that none of his wishes come true in the real world, the dinosaurs take him to visit the wishing well in Dino-World where wishes are readily granted. The story ends with Harry wishing he hadn't wished for anything in the first place!  
  b).- Episode 18: "You're too Little" (2005): When Harry discovers that he is too small to pick apples he goes to the Dino-World Mooseum to find some growth enhancing milk from a mechanical cow. To Harry's surprise and concern the milk first makes him far too big then far too small. With the help of an ant army, Harry and the dinos manage to find the cow again and return Harry to his normal size.  
32.- The Lampies a).- Episode 3: "The Boy Who Could See Lampies" (2001): PJ, a boy who can see Lampies gets friendly with Spark, Livewire and Dustywugg.  
33.- Hercules a).- Episode 11: "Tapestry of Fate" (1998): Hercules and Icarus want to go to an Orpheus (Rob Paulsen) concert, but they find it sold out, and so seek out the aid of the Fates – Atropos (Paddi Edwards), Clotho (Tress MacNeille) and Lachesis (Carole Shelley) – when Zeus cannot help. Hercules distracts them while Icarus reweaves fate to allow them to go to the concert. This gives Hades the idea to reweave his own fate, making him king of the gods, Phil a janitor, Icarus the inventor of capable wings, Hercules himself a god and Hades' son, and Zeus guardian of the Tapestry and ruler of the Underworld. Hercules uses his strength as a god to destroy the Tapestry and reweave it back to normal; the Fates give them tickets as a reward, only for them to find the concert has been canceled.  
34.- Insectibles a).- Episode 1: "How did Zak shrink" (2015): In the first episode, before Zak is shrunken, he almost steps Syd.  

b).- Episode 28: "The Mighty Mites" (2016): When Zak gets an entire family of microscopic dust mites to do his bidding, he convinces his friends that he has "magic powers." But when he tries to use his MAGIC against Adilla, his invisible army gets scared and takes off - leaving Zak and Willow in the lurch!

c).- Episode 42: "Big Time" (2016): When Zak is temporarily enlarged to about 3 times his normal size, he discovers that bigger isn't always better.

d).- Episode 52: "End Game Finale Part 2" (2016): Zak shrinks the villains in the ending of the season.
35.- Rusty Rivets a).- Episode 2b "Rusty's Brave Cave Save" (2016): When Sammy gets trapped in a cave while spelunking, Rusty saves the day with a big idea.  
36.- Jamie and the Magic Torch a).- Episode Unknown (1976): A vehicle shrinks.
37.- Jil Jil Genie a).- Episode 13 "Shrunken Magic" (2011): A kid genie shrinks his master.
38.- Johnny Test a).- Episode 11b "Li'l Johnny" (2006): Johnny shrinks to microscopic size.

b).- Episode 21a "Johnny Test in Black & White(2008): Johnny is projected in a movie as a giant boy playing with his dog.

c).- Episode 26a "The Good, the Bad & the Johnny(2008): Johnny grows up to giant (muscled) size.

d).- Episode 86a "Bugged Out Johnny(2012): Johnny grows up to giant size in order to capture a giant bug.
39.- Jumanji a).- Episode 30 "Oh, Grow Up!(1998): Peter grows up to giant size.
40.- Karate Kid a).- Episode 13 "A Little World of His Own(1989): Somewhere in the South, the shrine has come under possession of a shy black boy named Walter, who uses the power of the shrine to shrink actual items such as railroad cars and add them to his model collection. In doing so Walter accidentally uses the shrine to shrink the trio. A tiny Daniel and Miyagi must work to give Walter a confidence boost to ask a girl out to a party in the hopes of reverting to their proper sizes. However, Walter is using the shrine for more than just scale models, as he also uses it for revenge on two bullies; and Miyagi warns that not only is such overuse damaging the shrine; vengenance is unhealthy.
41.- Krypto the Super Dog a).- Episode 6a "My Pet Boy(2005): Kevin learns to take it easy on dogs—even if they have super-powers like Krypto, when he becomes a pet for a giant male dog.

b).- Episode 10b "Teeny Tiny Trouble(2005): Two little aliens have a very big problem. Their spaceship is broken and they need to make repairs before they can refuel it. They decide to turn to two earth beings for help, namely Kevin and Krypto. Unfortunately, the only way the aliens can get Kevin and Krypto's attention is to shrink them down to their size.
42.- Uknown CGI a).- Episode "Magic Soda" (?)A boy and a girl are shrunken by a magic soda and fight against evil insects, finally they recover their normal size and take revenge on the now tiny evil insects.
43.- My Big Big Friend a).- Episode 20 "Flower Power" (2009)Matt and Bongo are shrunken to flower size and almost are stepped by two giant boys.
44.- Mickey Mouse a).- Episode "Gulliver Mickey" (1934)Mickey is first seen reading Gulliver's Travels while the mice orphan children are pretending to be sailors. After ruining their game Mickey tries to make it up to them by retelling the Liliput sequences of Gulliver's Travels, pretending it was a real event that happened to him by portraying the role of Gulliver. The story ends with Mickey saving the town from a giant spider (Pete). However, after telling the story, one of the children dangles a fake spider attached to a fishing rod, which scares Mickey out of his wits. As soon as Mickey had managed to struggle to be free from the spider's long legs, he immediately gets the spider away. But in Mickey's story, he is battling a cushion making feathers fly everywhere!
45.- Mona the Vampire a).- Episode 9b "The Sam and Ella Infiltration" (1999)Sam and Ella come to Mona's school as the new cookers, but their real purpose is to contaminate the food with salmonella. Shawbly eats some contaminated food and the gang has to save him.

b).- Episode 36a "A Little Tiny Town" (2000)The town is completely empty, only Mona, Charley and Lily are left, but where is everyone else? Peering through a basement window one night, Mona spies Mr. Williams bent over a miniature replica of the town complete with little lights, little cars... and little people!

c).- Episode 47b "The Lost Pirates" (2001)Mona finds a pirate mini-boat. The little pirates, owners of the boat, have to go back to their dimension, first they must find their captain, but where is he? There's only one person that can solve that mystery, Mona.
46.- Mork and Mindy a).- Episode 14 "The Incredible Shrinking Mork" (1982)Mork and Mindy shrink to small size.
47.- Mummies Alive! a).- Episode 17 "Miscast" (1997)Scarab has his Shabti trying to recast Talos at the City Junk Yard, but the Mummies destroy that operation. Rath takes some of the magical material, and back at the Sphinx creates his own 12 inch tall Talos. It obeys their every command. Presley sneaks away with the miniature Talos, and uses it to clean his room for him. Talos gets hit on the head and remembers who he is. He breaks out of Presley's house and starts absorbing metal from everywhere and growing.

b).- Episode 34 "Honey, I Shrunk the Mummies" (1997)Rath is trying an incantation to invoke the power of a Talisman (a bug-like amulet). Rath translated the incantation incorrectly into: "By the spirit that guides us all, make me as the beetle strong" and it does not work. When Armon reads it, he says it correctly where the last word is "small" and not "strong". Instantly all four Mummies shrink to the size of cockroaches. In their quest to reverse the spell, Ja-Kal gets swatted by Presley; Nefer-Tina almost gets swallowed by Presley; and Armon gets stepped on by him. Kahti tries to eat the Mummies and swats Nefer-Tina and Armon.
48.- Muppet Babies a).- Episode 35 "Scooter's Uncommon Cold" (1986)When Scooter gets sick, the babies go inside him to aide his body in fighting the germs.
b).- Episode 45 "The Incredible Shrinking Weirdo" (1987)Gonzo is convinced he is getting smaller.

c).- Episode 69 "Elm Street Babies" (1987)The babies reveal the strange dreams they’re having, all of which feed into each other's dreams.
49.- Norman Normal a).- Episode 43 "Shrink To Fit Susies" (2000)The Norman family shrunk to microscopic size and accidentally are swallowed by Norman.
50.- Olliver's Adventures a).- Episode 6a "Vikings from Space" (2002)Olliver has contact with tiny Vikings from outer space.

b).- Episode 9b "Honey I Shrunk Jorge" (2002)The Ollie-One Incredible Shrinking Machine is a big hit - until it accidentally shrinks Jorge down to the size of an ant! Olliver and his friends must rescue Jorge from his impending marriage to three Giant Ant Sisters.
51.- Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures a).- Episode 2 "The Adventure Begins, Part II" (2013)Pac, his friends, and the Ghosts who surrendered sneak into the Netherworld to take back the Tree of Life. It turns out to be a trap. Pinky thinks Pac has a crush on her and at first he denies it, but his friends tell him to say yes. When he does, he and his friends are let out. The Ghost Gang pretends to be outsmarted, while Pac and his friends escape with the Tree of Life.

b).- Episode 4 "No Pets Allowed....Especially Monsters!, Part II" (2013)Dr. Buttocks creates a machine that makes giant monsters, but Pac uses a berry to make him giant too. He defeats one monster, but there is still one left and the berry wears off. Just then, Sir Cumference comes with a shrink ray and Pac goes into the monster's mouth to shrink it. Meanwhile, the pet is too much so they give it to Sir Cumference.

c).- Episode 8 "Pac To The Future" (2013)President Spheros is throwing a party and Pac wishes his parents are there. Betrayus plans an attack on Indepacdence Day. Pac decides to see Sir Cumference and he makes a super-fast vehicle that ends up taking them back in time. He meets his parents and himself as a baby. He can't tell his parents who he is. He meets Sir Cumference in the past and has to get him some parts to fix the machine, but is also asked to babysit himself which he has a hard time with. His friends get the parts and he finds out Butt-ler has been spying on them. Just before he goes back, his parents find out who he is. Once he's back, he and his friends defeat the ghosts.
52.- Paw Patrol a).- Episode 23a "Pups and the Beanstalk" (2014)Rubble has a wondrous dream, similar to "Jack and the Beanstalk," in which Marshall grows a giant beanstalk.

b) Episode 38b "Pups Save the Queen Bee" (2015)Cap'n Turbot finds a beehive inside his lighthouse.

c) Episode 70a "Pups in a Jam" (2016)The pups take care of an ant infestation on the day of Adventure Bay's jam festival.

d) Episode 92b "Pups save Tiny Marshall" (2017)Marshall dreams he is shrunken by a shrink ray and Ryder and the pups have to rescue him in their own backyard.
53.- Peter Pan and the Pirates a).- Episode 35 "A Wee Problem" (1991)Everyone is awestruck at the appearance of three moons above Neverland. Tinker Bell is especially thrilled, for this gives her the ability to shrink Peter down to fairy size and take him to visit the Fairy King. But she's not too happy when Peter insists that the Darlings and the Lost Boys come along. Tink messes with the others' ability to fly, which leads to such disaster that King Oberon kicks Wendy and the boys out. With the children unable to revert to their former size, they become easy prey for the pirates and the Crocodile, especially since Tink is keeping Peter distracted.
54.- Cyberchase a).- Episode "Size Me Up" (2002)Topic: Scale and Size.
55.- Danny Phantom a).- Episode 33 "Micro-Management" (2006)Jack's newest invention accidentally shrinks both Danny and Dash, as well as Skulker, literally down to size. Because of this, Danny's powers slowly start to short out. He must make his way to the invention and make himself back to normal size before his secret is exposed to Dash.
56.- Future is Wild a).- Episode 9 "The Future is Underground" (2008)When blasting forward 200 million years in the future, The time flyer crash lands in a desert wasteland and loses most of its water. Luis shrinks Emily, C.G. and Ethan so they can search a terabyte mound for water. A transporter terabyte tries to gain equality with a warrior terabyte.

b).- Episode 21 "He Might Be a Giant" (2008)A tree falls on the Time Flyer and the crew uses the molecular compressor to make Ethan large enough to move it. Then, Ethan (still a giant) befriends a megasquid.
57.- Pink Panther and Sons a).- Episode 19 "Pink Shrink" (1985)Annie's shrink machine causes Pinky to become six inches tall.
58.- Powerpuff Girls a).- Episode 56 "The Boys Are Back in Town(2003)Him is sick and tired of all of the villains (including himself) failing in their neverending plot to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, so he brings the Rowdyruff Boys back to life and makes them more powerful than ever. The Powerpuff Girls try to defeat them by kissing them again, but this time instead of the kisses destroying them it only makes them grow bigger and more powerful. The girls then must find a new way to beat their most dangerous enemies before they get beaten down.
59.- Quack Pack a).- Episode 21 "Shrunken Heroes(1996)Louie is arrested after attempting to foil poachers' plot to sell endangered animals to tourists and Daisy tries to coax him out of taking the law into his own hands. Louie then meets his hero who tried the same stunt and after a microscopic adventure learns that law enforcement should be left to the pros.
60.- ReBoot a).- Episode 10 "The Great Brain Robbery(1994)In an attempt to access the Supercomputer, Megabyte hires a hacker named Mouse to enter Bob's brain. The plan goes awry when they wind up in Enzo's brain instead.
61.- Richie Rich a).- Episode 7e "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bug(1980)During a restoration on Dollar's size, Professor Keanbean detects a coming robot alien bug invasion.

b).- Episode 20e "The Day the Estate Stood Still(1981)Two aliens shrink the principal cities of the world.

c).- Episode 23a "The Collector(1982)The Collector shrinks all important people in the world.
62.- Roll No. 21 a).- Episode 28a "Yeh Kua Ho Raha Hai(2010)The blue boy shrinks a giant evil spider.
63.- Sabrina: The Animated Series a).- Episode 11 "Shrink to Fit(1999)Sabrina and Chloe use magic to make themselves thin enough to wear the latest pair of skinny jeans, but find that the spell causes the user to shrink down to insect-size.
64.- Merrie Melodies a).- Episode "Goo Goo Goliath(?)A giant baby in a normal sized family.
65.- Here Comes the Grump a).- Episode 8 "Beware of Giants(1969)The kids arrive to the castle of the giant and his giant son.
66.- Speed Racer: The Next Generation a).- Episode 9 "Fast Track Part 3(2009)Thanks to Joel the lab technician, Zile takes over the virtual track to mess up Speed's race at the Redwood Rally so he doesn't survive. After Speed suspects whats going on, he decides to investigate, but in the process, Speed, Annalise and the Mach 6 all get sucked into the virtual track. While Speed and Annalise are still stuck in the virtual track, they must put their differences aside to survive. Meanwhile, Conor, Lucy, and X must find a way to get them out before the track eats itself up due to the virus, or they'll be stuck there forever. Two vehicles from the original show- the Mammoth Car (from episodes 7 and 8) and the X3 make cameos in this episode. Speed and Annalise make it out of the track. Delighted, Zile finds out Joel installed the virus, and decides to promote him to make the track more deadly for Speed and the Mach 6. One thing Zile is not aware of is that the Mammoth Car, the X3, and Jungle Conor invade the real world to wreak more havoc. Meanwhile, the Jungle Conor kidnaps Annalise.

b).- Episode 52 "Shrinkage(2013)Conor's new invention accidentally shrinks Speed, X, and Lucy, and now they must survive being small until they can get Connor's attention.
67.- Spirou a).- Episode 7 "Toys From Cyanide(1993)A female villain shrinks people, fortunately there are some interactions of Spirou with shrunken people.
68.- Sport Billy a).- Episode 9 "Wheel of Fortune(1979)A villain shrinks people.
69.- Tabaluga a).- Episode 58 "Little Wonder(2002)Happy accidentally shrinks Tabaluga with one of Shouhou's potions. Kayo gets that potion and shrinks James and Arktos, but the shrinking effects eventually wear off.
70.- My Giant Friend a).- Episode ? "Mini Boom(2009)Boom is shrunk to small size by an alien.
71.- Talespin a).- Episode 63 "The Incredible Shrinking Molly(1991)Molly finds herself caught in a mad scientist's lab and inadvertently gets herself shrunk. It's up to Baloo, Rebecca and Kit to go to the scientist's lab and find a way to get Molly un-shrunk.
72.- Taz-Mania a).- Episode 14b "Blunders Never Cease(1991)Francis resorts to taking tribal potions in his quest to capture Taz.
73.- Johnny Bravo b).- Episode 11b "Johnny Real Good(1997)Johnny answers an ad to babysit for a boy named Timmy, who has god-like superpowers. Johnny's sheer idiocy puts him at odds with the omnipotent Timmy, who repeatedly transports him to a cornfield just outside the house.
74.- The Fixies a).- Almost All Episodes (2011-present)Awesome animation about a boy and some tiny creatures called Fixies.
75.- Team Galaxy a).- Episode 20 "Mini Marshalls" (2006)When Brett discovers that entire planets in the galaxy seem to have inexplicably gone missing, his team is quickly sent to investigate the disturbing phenomenon. As the team searches for any sign of the missing cosmic bodies, they suddenly get a panicked distress call from Earth. When they return to Galaxy High, they witness first hand what’s happening—an alien vessel is using a bizarre ray to physically shrink the planet down to minuscule proportions! The gang springs into action, but before they can stop the culprit, the vessel scoops up the miniaturized planet and disappears. Ultimately, Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are able to track down the baddie on his home planet where they discover that the pint-sized alien’s plan is to reassemble the entire universe in miniature form so that he can rule over it. Can the gang stop this twisted Napoleonic alien villain even after he shrinks them down to the size of space fleas!?! In a b-story, Brett tries a variety of ways to remedy his shortness -- all with comedic results.
76.- Teen Titans Go! a).- Episode 73 "Body Adventure" (2014)When Cyborg gets sick, Robin becomes small so that he can fight the infection and Titans got to help.

b).- Episode 250 "Strength of a Grown Man(2019)Needing a hero with shrinking powers, but forgetting about Bumblebee, Robin invites The Atom to join their fight against the Brain.
77.- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a).- Episode 86 "Funny, They Shrunk Michelangelo" (1990): Michelangelo is shrunk by a villain who collects real shrunken ships.
78.- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back to Sewer a).- Episode 149 "The Incredible Shrinking Serling" (2008): Serling is sent and shrunk to the past and he meets the Ninja Turtles when they were boys.
79.- The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin a).- Episode 18 "One More Spot" (1987)Gimmick and his Friends are gonna go on a Picnic while Bugs took away their food, Gimmick and his Friends joined the Bugs when they got captured as Bugs.

b).- Episode 20 "Grundo Graduation" (1987)The Fire continues, Wooly got big again and saved the Show.
80.- The Dreamstone a).- Episode 7 "The Shrinking Stone" (1990)Urpgor creates a shrink-ray and shrinks the Urpneys in order to stealthily slip into the Dream Maker's house, then shrink the Dreamstone and take it. The plan fails altogether when Albert swallows the shrink-ray and drives the Urpneys out.

81.- The Gilligan's Planet a).- Episode 5 "The Amazing Colossal Gilligan" (1982)While collecting samples from the Million Lakes region of the planet for the professor, Gilligan accidentally falls into a lake full of yellow liquid and becomes a giant. Space circus owner P.C. Barnaby arrives on the planet in his ship, and tries to steal Gilligan and turn him into his latest attraction.
82.- The Jetsons a).- Episode 17 "The Little Man" (1963)During a test-run of Spacely's new invention, called the MiniVac, George is shrunk down to six inches high, but cannot enlarge himself, due to a malfunction in the machine's enlarging program. The next day, Mr. Spacely sends George to steal a cog from Cogswell Cogs so George can re-enlarge himself.
83.- The Littles a).- Almost All Episodes (Except Episodes 10, 11, 16, 20 and 29) (1983-1985)Animated Series based upon "The Borrowers" where Henry Bigg is friend of the Littles.
84.- The Magic School Bus a).- Episode 2 "For Lunch" (1994)Arnold really wants to break a school record, and to his surprise, finally gets his wish by staying at school with Liz while Ms. Frizzle takes the class on another weird field trip...without realizing he is the field trip.

b).- Episode 3 "Inside Ralphie" (1994)The class needs Ralphie to give them a story idea for broadcast day, but Ralphie is sick. His mother (Tyne Daly), a doctor, refuses to allow him to go to school. When Ms. Frizzle says that there is an amazing battle going on inside him, the class decides broadcast day should be about whatever is making Ralphie sick. After shrinking and going into Ralphie's veins through a cut, the class travels to Ralphie's sore throat to see what is making him sick. Then his white blood cells see the bus as a threat and attempt to devour it.

c).- Episode 16 "The Busasaurus" (1995)This is the cartoon version of The Magic School Bus In the Time of the Dinosaurs. (All the periods--Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous--are visited in the book, but time constraints forced the episode to be limited to showing only the Cretaceous Period.) In this episode, the kids visit Ms. Frizzle's old friend, Dr. Carmina Skeledon (Rita Moreno), at a dinosaur dig. Dr. Skeledon lets Arnold see a fossilized dinosaur egg as the kids are leaving, and he still has it when they go back in time. An Ornithomimus steals the egg, and both Arnold and Phoebe chase after it. The rest of the class is left to find them, and in the end, Arnold squares off with a Tyrannosaurus Rex after being grown. (It resembles the one shown in Jurassic Park.)

d).- Episode 30 "Under Construction" (1996): The class is going on a field trip to the new suspension bridge currently being constructed. However, there is a problem: Mrs. Li (Rosalind Chao) (Wanda's mother) needs Wanda to watch her little brother William until she gets off her business call. The class decided to watch William together. William, only an infant, accidentally uses the Porta-shrinker to size down the entire class (without Liz) and the bus and locks the class in the bathroom. The class uses the materials available to them to build structures to escape. This is the first episode where the bus does not transform in any way.

e).- Episode 41 "Cracks a Yolk" (1997): Mr. Ruhle gives the class the task of caring of Giblets, his pet chicken. However, Giblets "flies the coop" and the class decides to get a new Rhode Island Red to replace Giblets. Naturally, they decide to hatch one from an egg. They learn on their trip that both a male and female chicken are needed to produce a chicken--though it is never explained how, being a children's show. At the last minute Giblets returns, and Ms. Frizzle cracks, "I guess he who flies the coop can always fly back again."
85.- The Flinstones a).- Episode 117 "Itty Bitty Fred" (1964): Fred begins inventing again and creates a reducing formula called "Fred-O-Cal" to take off weight. This formula winds up shrinking Fred to less than a foot tall.
86.- The New Archies a).- Episode 11 "The Incredible Shrinking Archie" (1987): Archie (Unfortunately) and Jughead are shrunken to small size.
87.- The Saban's Gulliver's Travels a).- All Episodes (1992-1993): In all episodes there are great interactions between the Lilliputians and Gulliver and Raphael.
88.- The Smurfs a).- Episode 18a "The Magnifying Mixture" (1981)Brainy enlarges Hefty with a potion.

b).- Episode 52 "The Littlest Giant" (1982): A giant boy gets lost and the Smurfs help him.

c).- Episode 101 "The Incredible Shrinking Wizard" (1984)The Smurfs help Gargamel when Gargamel turns Smurf size due to pollution.

d).- Episode 163a "The Tallest Smurf" (1986)A kid smurf wishes to be the tallest smurf and the genie shrinks all the smurfs of the village, except the kid smurf.

e).- Episode 203a "Little Big Smurf" (1987)Mischievous grows up to giant size.
89.- The Super Hero Squad Show a).- Episode 9 "This Forest Green!" (2009)When MODOK and Abomination botched up another fractal retrieval mission, Doctor Doom pairs them up with Egghead to infiltrate the Helicarrier in micro-size. When Ant-Man is called in to help, it is a micro-sized, all-out battle for the fractal.
90.- The Real Ghostbusters a).- Episode 97 "Short Stuff" (1988)The vile Ghostmaster sends his three best bounty hunters to capture the Ghostbusters alive. The first two get busted, but the third shrinks the guys down. While they try to avoid capture, Janine and Slimer try to find a spell to return them to normal size.
91.- Gawayn a).- Episode ? "Journey to the center of a dragon" (?)The kids shrink the knight (The princess is already shrunken in the serie).
92.- Las Aventuras de Marco Antonio a).- Episode ? "Abracadabra" (?)Marco Antonio uses magic to grows up but he ends shrunken.
93.- Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har a).- Episode 21 "Baby Bottled" (1963)Lippy and Hardy babysit a giant baby.
94.- The Adventures of Superboy a).- Episode 16 "Superboy's Super-Dilemma" (1966)A scientist tests a kryptonite antidote on Superboy that does not work, but which he accidentally mixed with plant growth serum that causes big problems.
95.- The Simpsons a).- Episode 51 "Bath the Lover" (1992)A small scene where Bart plays with a small version of his teacher.

b).- Episode 109b "Treehouse of Horror V - Time and Punishment" (1994)Homer repeatedly travels back in time and alters the future; upon failing to restore the future, he settles for a reality close to his own.

c).- Episode 154b "Treehouse of Horror VII - The Genesis Tub" (1996)In a parody of The Twilight Zone episode, "The Little People", Lisa performs a science experiment to see if cola will dissolve a tooth, and Bart shocks Lisa as part of his project to prove that nerds conduct electricity. The tooth is also shocked; it undergoes an unusual reaction and creates a race of miniature beings. Lisa discovers this the next day and marvels at how the people in her universe evolve at a rapid rate, going through the various ages humans have gone through into modern times and eventually, a society more advanced than current humanity. Bart destroys some of the ecosystem in Lisa's tub universe, and the people respond, sending a squadron of space ships to attack Bart, who vows revenge on the small universe as Lisa wonders what to do. Suddenly, she is shrunk and beamed down into the tub, where the citizens explain that they regard her as God, and they want her to do something about Bart, whom they regard as the Devil. She says she can help them if they can unshrink her, but they tell her they have not figured out the technology to do that. This angers Lisa, since they should have had both technologies figured out before shrinking her. At the same time, Bart grabs the tub and submits it in the science fair, and Lisa is forced to watch from within as Bart wins first prize. Realizing that she is now stuck in the small universe forever and having somehow lost her slippers, the very bitter Lisa orders her citizens to grovel and bring her some shoes, with one of the citizens adding that he will get some socks for her, too.

d).- Episode 221b "Simpsons Bible Stories" (1999)Bart’s story comes from David and Goliath scene, when he encounters Nelson as Goliath himself.
96.- Thundercats a).- Episode 28 "The Wolfrat" (1985)Vulture Man builds a robot called the Wolfrat, which uses a miniaturization gas that reduces the ThunderCats to 9 inches high. They must rely on a normal size Snarf to help them defeat the robot.
97.- Tiny Toons a).- Episode 5a "The Buster Bunny Bunch - Buffed Bunny" (1990)Presuming that Babs is showing excitement over a billboard for a gym, Buster tries to win her over by conditioning his body. At the end, he discovers that she was actually looking at a billboard for carrot cake.

b).- Episode 5b "The Buster Bunny Bunch - Squish" (1990)After stepping on a bug, Shirley predicts bad things for him, which results Dizzy dreaming that he has become the size of a bug.

c).- Episode 90 "Toon TV" (1992): Another collection of music videos, presented by Buster and Babs in countdown form.
98.- The Super Mario Bros Super Show a).- Episode 53 "Princess, I Shrunk the Mario Brothers" (1989): A wizard's potion intended to shrink Koopa is spilled by Toad, and ends up shrinking the Super Mario Bros instead. Episode is based on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
99.- Transformers a).- Episode 46 "Child's Play" (1985): During a Transformer battle, the space bridge malfunctions. A strange world of massive giants awaits Autobots and Decepticons alike. Such a situation isn't easy for those used to being among the tallest around. The Transformers need to find a way back home and one local child is the key. However, this planet is otherwise unwelcome to outsiders. If the Transformers don't hurry, they will be in big trouble.
100.- Transformers Rescue Bots a).- Episode 14 "Small Blessings" (2012): During Myles and Evan's attempt to rob Doc Greene's lab, Heatwave, Blades, and Boulder are accidentally shrunk and the Burns family must work without their partners.
101.- Tree Fu Tom a).- Episode 6 "Whisful Thinking" (2012): The Mushas get hold of a magic pebble.

b).- Episode 25 "Tiny Tom" (2012): Tom tackles titanic troubles as he is accidentally shrunk to the size of Twigs' toes.
102.- The Partridge Family 2200 A.D. a).- Episode 3 "The Incredible Shrinking Keith" (1974): Keith is shrunken to small size.
103.- Tutenstein a).- Episode 37 "Tut's Little Problem" (2006): After using a scroll to make himself big, Tut shrinks and must find a way to make himself big.
104.- Packages from Planet X a).- Episode 12 "A Night at West Iron High" (2013): Dan makes small action figures of his classmates with the use of an alien photo camera, but they unexpectedly come alive.
105.- Ultimate Book of Spells a).- Episode 12 "Out Of Shape" (2001): Zarlak has captured small beings called "the tricky trolls", but one escaped and come to the kids. Zarlak then send his dragon to steal their magic book, but took Verne (who turned into UBOS) instead, then they kidnap Gus, leaving Cassy to save the day, who is having a hard time using her shape-changing powers. Will she be able to save the day by turning into Zarlak?

b).- Episode 13 "The Rift" (2001): Scavenger imps get a portal that they can use to get to the surface world with. The start stealing everything! It's up to the trio to stop them! But how can they stop them now that two of the kids are caught in the hands of Zarlak?

c).- Episode 22 "Big Girls Don't Cry" (2002): A giant girl named Ilsa comes to Vonderland and becomes roommates with Cassy. Cassy keeps trying to help her fit in, but Lucretia (one of the evil twins) keeps doing spells behind her back to make it seem like Cassy is making fun of her. Lucretia pretends to be her friend and gets Ilsa kidnapped by Zarlak! The trio have to save her!
106.- Unter Neptuns Flagge a).- Episode 4 "The Bermudas Triangle" (?): A dad shrinks ships from the Bermudas Triangle.
107.- World of Quest a).- Episode 7b "Mini Quest" (2008): We find the crew battling with a horde of Lipsuckers. During the battle, Quest falls into the Lake of Little and shrinks down to only 5 inches tall. Spite learns of this and unleashes the Super Hopasaurus Rex. The crew goes looking for the Orb of the Conquerors to restore Quest to full size. The Hopasaurus finds them but they escape. They meet the keeper of the Orb who challenges them to a quiz which turns out to be ridiculously easy, except 1 extremely hard one, whom Graer gets it right. The Hopasaurus finds them again and swallows the Orb. Quest jumps into its mouth and chases the Orb down to its stomach. Quest gets the Orb and wishes to be big, but nothing happens. Quest breaks the Orb like an egg, releasing some gas which makes him grow large. He emerges in the Hopasaurus' baby pocket, so the creature loves him as if he were its baby.

b).- Episode 18a "Musta Been Something Graer Ate" (2009): Although brief, Nestor and the other two human-like guys are accidentally grown huge when trying to shrink.
108.- Xiaolin Showdown a).- Episode 19 "Sizing Up Omi" (2004): When Wuya starts using a giant Cyclops as her new henchman, the Xiaolin Apprentices are extremely overpowered. Omi does his best to try to get stronger, eventually resorting to using the Changing Chopsticks and the Reversing Mirror to make himself giant. When he fails to get to a Xiaolin Showdown in time to defeat the Cyclops, Clay has lost the Reversing Mirror and Omi uses the Changing Chopsticks on their own, and shrinks to the size of an ant. If the Xiaolin do not get the Reversing Mirror back in time, Omi will be stuck in his shrunken state, forever.
109.- Xiaolin Chronicles a).- Episode 22 "Who Shrunk Master Fung?" (2015): While preparing for Master Fung's return, Dojo accidentally shrinks Fung. It's up to the monks to travel to Chase's lair to save Master Fung's life.
110.- Make Way for Noddy a).- Episode 43 "Mr. Plod's Little Problem" (2002): Mr. Plod shrinks to small size.
111.- Zevo-3 a).- Episode 4 "A Matter Of Time" (2010): When Dr. Stankfoot's sleep is disturbed, he orders Blacktop to silence the noise by spreading a dangerous virus. In doing so, Blacktop infects the residents of Eden City, including Ellie. Realizing Blacktop is the key to help Ellie, Z-Strap and Kewl Breeze devise a plan that means shrinking Z-Strap and hunting inside Blacktop for the cure.
112.- American Dad a).- Episode 187 "The Shrink" (2015): After witnessing a couple die in a car crash, Stan takes up building miniatures to take his mind off the tragedy, but things get a little too much when Stan shrinks himself to live in his miniature world. Meanwhile, Roger and Klaus study up on becoming world-class wine connoisseurs.
113.- Arpo the Robot a).- Episode 30 (?): A baby grows up to giant size.
114.- Dennis the Menace a).- Episode 22a "Invasion of the Blob" (1986): A small gum alien goes away from the dangerous giant (for him) Dennis.

b).- Episode 37c "Big Baby" (1986): A baby grows up to giant size by a liquid.

c).- Episode 53b "The Magic Pen" (1986): Dennis shrinks Mr. Wilson with a magic pen and puts him in a deserted island which is drawed in his notebook.
115.- PJ Masks a).- Episode 4a "Catboy and the Shrinker" (2015): By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were heading to the playground. Connor says he's finally tall enough to go on the big kids' stuff when Greg notices that the playground has been shrunk. The PJ Masks soon find out that Romeo and Night Ninja team up to shrink them. Catboy says that he's a big kid. But when Romeo and Night Ninja shrink him, Catboy makes the mission harder by complaining that he's so small.

Episode 9b "Catboy and the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino" (2015): By day, Connor wants to be the first one in his classroom, when he notices that his desk is a mess. Greg and Amaya want Cameron to help clean up Connor's desk, but Connor doesn't want Cameron's help. When Cameron sadly walks out of the classroom, Amaya gets angry at Connor for not letting Cameron help. Greg then notices tiny Ninjalino footprints on one of Connor's homework sheets. By night, the PJ Masks find the tiny Ninjalino, but Catboy keeps trying to catch it while the tiny Ninjalino messed up all 3 floors of HQ. Then, Catboy forces the tiny Ninjalino to leave, but it won't leave. Soon, the PJ Masks find Night Ninja and the rest of his Ninjalinos. Night Ninja gets very surprised when his "spy" (the tiny Ninjalino) wants to work with the PJ Masks.

Episode 25a ""Super-Sized Gekko!" (2016): Gekko grows up to giant size.
116.- Cocomong a).- Episode 15 "Cocomong has a cavity!" (2008): Cocomong shrinks his friends in order to hep him with a cavity.

b).- Episode 21 "Oh no! We've shrunk!" (2008): Cocomong and his friends shrink.
117.- Cosmic Quantum Ray a).- Episode 26 (?): Two squirrels aliens use a shrink ray.
118.- The Little Prince a).- Episodes 9-10 "The Planet of the Astronomer" (2011): The Astronomer shrinks the planets of the universe, including the Little Prince's Planet where his rose is.
119.- The Incredible Hulk a).- Episode 9 "The Incredible Shrinking Hulk" (1982): After his latest gamma experiment malfunctions, Bruce is shrunk down until he is one inch tall, as two spies attempt to steal a new tank.
120.- Loonatics Unleashed a).- Episode 21 "It Came from Outer Space" (2007): When Rev and Lexi tamper with Tech's X3000 Automated Weapon System mistakening it for a video game, Melvin the Martian comes to Acmetropolis to destroy it after his spacecraft was hit by a missile from Tech's invention. When Melvin threatens to shrink the planet, Lexi admits she tampered with Tech's invention and Melvin orders that Lexi be handed over to him in 24 Hours. Can the Loonatics find a way to thwart Melvin before Acmetropolis becomes the only planetary location to be "hard to find on any map."
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