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Giant Boys Zone

Clean Movies about Giant Boys



1.- Awfully Short for Fourth  
2.- a).- Castaways in Lilliput (English Version)  
b).- Télégramme de Lilliput (French Version)
3.- Castle in the Attic  
4.- The Indian in the Cupboard  
5.- The Return of the Indian  
6.- The Key of the Indian  
7.- The Mystery of the Cupboard  
8.- The Secret of the Indian  
9.- The Borrowers  
10.- The Littles Series  
11.- The Giants and Joneses (Although the principal giant character is a giant girl, she has a giant brother, that's why this book is mentioned here)  
12.- Mickey Mouse Book: Gulliver Mickey  
13.- Naughtiness team of Gulliver land  
14.- Gulliver's Travels (Kadokawa Tsubasa paperback)  
15.- Flats of Survival 1 (Kagakuru BOOK- science cartoon Survival Series)  
16.- Giant John  
17.- Monster Blood III (Goosebumps, No. 29)
18.- The Secrets of Droon - The Genie King  
19.- Other Stories and The Attack of the Giant Baby  
20.- Fairy Odd Parents Level 2 - A Mighty Big Wish
21.- The Magic Key - Kipper and the Giant
22.- I Shrunk my Best Friend Book 2
23.- I Shrunk my Best Friend Book 3
24.- A town which became small (Japanese)
25.- Different Versions of Gulliver in Lilliput
26.- Teacher who became small (Japanese)
27.- Attack of the Mutant Meteors
28.- Shrunk!
29.- The Picolinis
30.- Giants are very brave people
31.- The Wicked Big Toddlah Books 1 & 2
32.- Thumb Leading Nils - Carlsson (Japanese)
33.- Vovka Vesnushkin in the Land of Clockwork People (2013, 1999 Editions)
34.- The Amazing Adventures of Yurchik and his Grandpa 
35.- The Royal Game
36.- When the number is big and big (Japanese)
37.- I'll eat it for you (Japanese)
38.- Last of the Gullivers
39.- The Jetsons - Big Boy and His Giant Pooch
40.- The Jetsons - The Big Switch
41.- Boy Giant: Son of Gulliver
42.- Billy and the Minpins
43.- A guide for using the indian in the cupboard in the classroom
44.- The Lost Farm
45.- The Story of Chinaman's Hat
46.- Big Time Olie
47.- Dad In My Pocket (Different Versions)
48.- The Little Father
49.- The Giant Smugglers
50.- The Man
51.- Big Boy
52.- The Biggest Boy
53.- Captain Cockle and the Pond
54.- The Deadly Stink
55.- Frank and the Giant
56.- A Giant Surprise
57.- The Inch-High Kid
58.- The Itty-Bitty Kiddies Wake Up
59.- Mrs O'Dell's Third-Grade Class is Shrinking
60.- The Tiny Parents
61.- Free Fall
62.- Night Stroll (Japanese)

NOTE: Some sequels and giant tiny content weren't mentioned because they didn't have giant boys/boys with shrunken/small people.




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Update: 06/05/2020
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