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Giant Boys Zone

Clean Movies about Giant Boys


1.- Doraemon a).- Episode: "Nobitaland" (Early season): Doraemon creates a miniature city and shrunk himself in front of Nobita.

  b).- Episode: "Nobitaland" (2011): Doraemon creates a miniature city and shrunk himself in front of Nobita.  
  c).- Episode: "Minicars School" (Early season): Doraemon creates a miniature road in order to the Nobita's father train for getting his driver id. The father is shrunk in front of Nobita.  
  d).- Episode: "Treasure Star" (1997): Nobita and Doraemon travel to a tiny planet looking for a treasure.  
  e).- Episode: "Treasure Star" (2011): Nobita and Doraemon travel to a tiny planet looking for a treasure.  
  f).- Episode: "Nobita's Gulliver's Travels" (1995): Nobita and Doraemon travel to Lilliput Planet in order to help them.  
  g).- Episode: "Nobita's Gulliver's Travels" (2011): Nobita and Doraemon travel to Lilliput Planet in order to help them.  
  h).- Episode: "Miniature Mountains Set" (1995): Doraemon shrinks the Nobita's father in order to he can fish inside a miniature mountain set. (Unfortunately the 2014 version doesn't have Nobita interaction with his shrunken father).  
  i).- Episode: "And So, We Left on a Journey" (2008): Nobita, Zuneo and Giant are accidentally shrunken to tiny size. Unfortunately Nobita is shrunk too, but Zuneo is almost stepped by a giant boy.  
  j).- OVA: "Nobita's Little Space War" (1985): Nobita and his friends travel to a tiny sized planet in order to help their tiny alien friend, when they travel, they are shrunken, but at the ending of the OVA, they recover their normal size, defeating their tiny enemies. It has some Nobita interactions with the tiny aliens.  
  k).- Episode: "Shizuka chan in my pocket" (2014): Shizuka is shrunken to doll size and Nobita takes care of her.  
  l).- Episode: "An ideal planet" (Early season): Doraemon creates a small planet for Nobita.  
  m).- Episode: "Unknown" (1995): Nobita takes a training with a small old man.  
  n).- Episode: "Small Garden" (1995): A small scene where Doraemon and a little girl shrink to enter to a small park in front of Nobita.  
  o).- Episode: "Transformation Shells Set" (2015): Zuneo and Giant put a transformation shell in the Nobita's back making he grows up to colossal size.  
  p).- Episode: "A Little Adventure" (1995): Nobita and Doraemon help a little dwarf boy who land is in danger by construction machines.  
  q).- Episode: "A Little Adventure" (2015): Nobita and Doraemon help a little dwarf boy who land is in danger by construction machines.  
  r).- Episode: "The Giant Zuneo" (2015): Unfortunately is Zuneo and not Nobita who grows up to giant size in this episode, but at the ending, Nobita grows up himself and all his town, in order to Zuneo went to restroom. There's a funny moment where Nobita almost steps his tiny (normal size) teacher.  
  s).- Episode: "Nobita inside Nobita" (2016): Doraemon and friends travel inside Nobita's mind and in a scene, he saves a small village converting himself into Ultra Kid, growing up to colossal size and stepping an evil giant monster.  
  t).- OVA: "Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum" (2015): Nobita and his friends go to a futurist museum. Zuneo and Giant shrunk by the Gulliver tunnel and have some interactions with Nobita and handsome orange haired boy.  

u).- Episode: "I want a strong pet" (Early season): Nobita wants a stronger pet than the Suneo's big dog.

v).- Episode: "Guardian angel" (?): Doraemon gives Nobita a tiny guardian angel who protects him from his problems.

w).- Episode: "Ants" (?): Nobita watches an ants colony.

x).- Episode: "The Magnifying Glass" (Early season): Doraemon gives Nobita a magnifying glass which shrinks or grows up objects.

y).- Episode: "Unknown" (?): Nobita uses a magnetic stick to attract Zuneo and Giant.

z).- Episode 449: "Nobita 3 cm" (2016): Nobita and his friends use the Guviller tunnel to have an adventure, but they get lost and have some great interactions in a park full of giant boys, althought Nobita is shrunken too, this episode is so great.

aa).- Episode: "Insurance against Giant" (2016): Nobita has interaction with a small woman who ensures him against Giant.

ab).- Episode: 122a "The Nobi Robot is Useless" (2008): Nobita has interaction with a small robots which were created to help him with his home chores.

ac).- Episode: 112a "The Space War of the Star Festival" (2012): Nobita helps a tiny princess from outer space trapped by tiny space army, having some interactions with a tiny robot.

ad).- Episode: "Ants" (2017): Nobita watches an ants colony, even when Nobita and his friends are shrunken, Nobita has a lot of interactions with tiny ants.

ae).- Episode: 629a "Nobita's Space Shuttle" (1981): Nobita helps a tiny princess from outer space trapped by tiny space army, having some interactions with a tiny robot.

af).- Episode: 865a "Study Nobita" (1986): Nobita expuls two tiny good and bad tiny versions of himself and they have to fight in order to make Nobita studies for his exam.

ag).- Episode: 491a "Space War Above the Ceiling" (2017): Nobita helps a tiny princess from outer space trapped by tiny space army, having some interactions with a tiny robot.

ah).- Episode 513: "Nobita's Gulliver's Travels" (2018): Nobita and Doraemon travel to Lilliput Planet in order to help them.

ai).- Episode 399 a/b: "Take a Sea Voyage on a Dolphin/The Sympathy Robot" (2015): Doraemon takes Nobita, Giant and Shizuka on a shrunken boat on a dolphin, having some interactions with Nobita/Nobita has some interactions with a shrunken female robot.

aj).- 36th Doraemon the Movie - Nobita and Birth of Japan 2016 (2016): Nobita has interactions with some small animals.

ak).- Episode 471 a: "Small-size Nobita faces the Oni" (2017): Nobita shrinks to small size and has some interactions with preschool boys mainly.

al).- Episode 556 a: "Nobitaland" (2019): Doraemon creates a miniature city and shrunk himself in front of Nobita.

am).- Episode 941 a: "Superb! The Flowing Somen Miniature Garden" (2018): Nobita is training in a miniature garden in order to catch noodles with his chopsticks, finally he has to save to the shrunken Doraemon with them.

an).- Special Episode: "Nobita is a great driver!?" (2015): Special Episode made for Toyota about Nobita and his friends driving miniature Toyota cars.

ao).- Episode: "I want a strong pet" (1990's): Nobita wants a stronger pet than a boy's big dog.

ap).- Episode: "I want a strong pet" (2019): Nobita wants a stronger pet than the Suneo's big dog.

aq).- Episode: "Owner with a time machine!" (?): Nobita shrinks some abandoned puppy and kitties.

ar).- Movie : Nobita's Space Pioneering History (1981): A small scene inside this movie where Nobita and Doraemon fight against some evil spaceships. Doraemon shrinks the last spaceship in front of Nobita and he takes revenge shoot it and defeating it easily.
2.- Akazukin Chacha a).- Episode 1: "Here Comes The Trouble-Making Witch" (1994): Seravy is shrunken and trapped into a bottle and has some interactions with Shiine.

b).- Episode 59: "A very small love story" (1995): Chacha is shrunken to tiny size in order to compete with a minscule fairy, finally she wins and is helped by Shiine.  
  c).- Episode 73: "The secret of Dorothy's castle" (1995): The kids accidentally shrunk to Seravy and have to help him to recover his normal size.  
3.- Anmitsu Hime a).- Episode 34: "Princess Minis Great War of micro" (1987): The Princess is shrunk to bug size and chased by two boys (unfortunately not the cutest one).  
4.- Astroboy a).- Episode 17: "The Rainbow Comet" (1981): The spaceship where Astroboy and his friends traveled was kidnapped by a villain who shrunk some of the kids to small size.  
  b).- Episode 28: "The Great Adventure of Little Robot Sam" (1981): Astroboy and his sister help a little robot stuntman. He has some scenes in a model city in a movie studio.  
5.- Brave Police J-Decker a).- Episode 33: "Small Hero" (1994): Agents bring two prototype robot polices in small size, they have some interactions with Yuuta and a boy in the city.  
6.- Calimero a).- Episode 51: "Adventure of the Microscopic World" (1993): The scientific is shrunk to tiny size by some evil rats and the kids have to resolve this problem.  
7.- Kaibutsu-kun  a).- Episode 86: "Giants vs. beans humans" (1981): A genius boy shrinks a bully of his class.  
8.- Cyborg Kuro-chan  a).- Episode 58: "Also came Yayaya" (1999): Two old man and woman shrink in front of Cyborg Kuro-Chan and his cat friend by an alien shrink ray.  
  b).- Episode 66: "Shoping dating large duel" (1999): A girl shrinks a Cyborg Kuro-chan's female friend and threatens to squish her in order to Cyborg goes shopping with her.  
9.- Daa! Daa! Daa! Ufo Baby a).- Episode 09: "A date in the park between cousins" (2000): Miyu, Kanata and Chris are shrunk by the shrink ray in the park.  
  b).- Episode 47: "Miyu and Mini-Miyu go to school" (2001): Miyu is shrunken by the shrink ray and Kanata has to help her.  
10.- Case Closed   a).- Episode 63: "The big monster Gomera murder case" (1997): No shrinking in this episode, but the detective Conan and his friends visit a movie studio where there's a model city.  
11.- Devilman  a).- Episode 28: "The demon miniyon, the demon locket" (1973): Some people is shrunken by a demon who travels on a flying saucer.  
12.- Dr. Slump  a).- Episode 30: "Heart pounding excitement! Piisuke's first love" (1981): Piisuke is in love of Kyoko, but she is taller than him, Arale grows him up to giant size, but Piisuke denies to be a giant, so Arale shrinks Kyoko to ant size and Piisuke saves her of an evil scarab.  
13.- New Dr. Slump  a).- Episode 17: "Piisuke's first love" (1998): Piisuke is in love of Kyoko, but she is taller than him, Arale grows him up to giant size, but Piisuke denies to be a giant, so Arale shrinks Kyoko to ant size and Piisuke saves her of an evil scarab.  
14.- Dragon Ball a).- Episode 44: "Master thief, Haski" (1986)
b).- Episode 45: "Danger in the air" (1987)
c).- Episode 46: "Bulma's Bad Day" (1987)
d).- Episode 47: "Kame House: Found!" (1987): From episode 44 to 47 Bulma invents a bracelet which is able to shrink her to mouse size in order to travel with Goku in the Nimbus Cloud.

e).- Episode 73: "Devilmite Beam" (1987): Bandages the Mummy feels a bit hesitant to fight Goku, upon seeing his impecable posture. For a few seconds, Bandages sees the young Goku as a giant.

f).- Episode 134: "Preliminary Peril" (1988): Chapa King feels a bit hesitant to fight Goku, upon seeing his impecable posture. For a few seconds, Chapa King sees the young Goku as a giant.
15.- Dragon Ball Z a).- Episode 74: "Captain Ginyu becomes frog" (1991)
b).- Episode 75: "Password is Purunga" (1991)
c).- Episode 90: "Bold and fearless" (1991)
d).- Episode 91: "Embodiment of fire" (1991): From episode 74 to 75 The Captain Ginyu accidentally exchanges (and shrinks) his body with a frog and in the episodes 90 and 91 he exchanges his body with Bulma, who is converted (and shrunk) into a frog, having both some interactions with Gohan and Krillin.
  e).- Episode 112: "Call for restoration" (1991)
f).- Episode 113: "Suicidal course" (1991): Garlic Jr. shrunk Kamizama and Mr. Popo into glass bottles and finally Krillin frees them, breaking the bottles.
16.- Element Hunters a).- Episode 38: "The information energy of destruction" (2010): Ren grows up into a giant to fight against a giant energy monster.  
17.- Soar High! Isami a).- Episode 27: "You're the hero" (1995): Not shrinking in this episode, but the kids go to a movies studio where there's a city model and fight against crow men.  
18.- Gundam Build Fighters a).- Ending Credits (2013): In the ending credits Sei Iori appears as a giant robot.  
19.- Sarutobi Ecchan a).- Episode 11: "Even if it's small" (1971): A small girl dreams she is shrunken and chased by giant boys.  
20.- Hime-chan's Ribbon a).- Episode 50: "Small Hime-chan huge mistake" (1993): Hime-chan is shrunk and falls in a sewer, so Daichi decides to saves her.  
21.- Sgt. Frog a).- Episode 10: "Face-off! Decisive Battle over Molar-3 / Sgt. Frog vs. The Cavitians Of Cavity 9!" (2004): Keroro and his friends shrunk to tiny size in front of Fuyuki in order to abolish a cavity in a Keroro's tooth.

b).- Episode 57b: "Huge frog against the freak of the southern seas" (2005): A small moment where finally Fuyuki becomes giant to fight against a huge squid, unfortunately there isn't almost none interaction with tiny ones.  
  c).- Episode 175a: "Keroro's dive! Vinyl swimming pool" (2007): Keroro and the frogs shrink in order to swim inside a vinyl pool and Fuyuki discovered them there, unfortunately he is shrunk too.  
22.- Kiteretsu Daihyakka a).- Episode 6b: "Moving in Ruyi light" (1988): Kiteretsu helps a woman who wants to move, shrinking all her furniture, using a shrink light.  
  b).- Episode 8b: "Let's play a mini-town" (1988): Kiteretsu builds a paper mini town and shrinks all his friends in order to they can play there.  

c).- Episode 127: Large failure of the century! Chu Sing La Nari" (1991): Kiteretsu shrinks himself in order to stop his failure invention.

d).- Episode 143: "Dragonfly..." (1991): Kiteretsu shrinks himself in order to help a dragonfly.

e).- Episode 260: "Pet of the roller assistant! Kaoru Hiragana! ?" (1994): Kiteretsu has to find Korosuke who shrunk himself in order to look for his new pet, a snail.

f).- Episode 283: "New Year adventure! New Year's writing tangerine millionaire! ?" (1995): Kiteretsu shrinks his friends in order to save them of a big shark.
23.- Princess Knight a).- Episode 6: "Dwarf and Giant" (1967): Angel helps a tiny girl and arrives to a small primitive land.  
24.- Kuro Majo-san ga Tooru! a).- Episode 37: "The shrunken black witch" (2013): Chiyoko is shrunken and is helped by Gyyubid.  
25.- Captain Tsubasa a).- Opening Credits (1983): In the opening credits, Tsubasa appeared as a giant playing football in his town.  
26.- Mashin Eiyuden Wataru a).- Episode 25: "Mini mini Wataru's Great Adventure"  (1988): Wataru and his friends help to dwarf people.  
27.- Mashin Eiyuden Wataru 2 a).- Episode 31: "Darkness comes to the streets of shinema"  (1990): Wataru and his friends act in a movie as evil giants.  
28.- Ninja Hattori-kun a).- Episode ?: "Kenichi has a stomach ache" (1987): Kenichi has a stomach ache and dreams the Ninja Hattori-kun shrinks to enter inside his body and cure his illness.  
29.- My bride is a mermaid a).- Episode 3: "Island closest to heaven" (2007): Nagasumi has troubles with a histerical small girl of the sea.  
  b).- Episode 11: "Armageddon" (2007): Nagasumi grows up into a giant, rampaging in the city.  
30.- Nanako SOS a).- Episode 07: "Nanako of the mysterious country" (1983): Nanako is shrunken to help a country of insects which are in danger.  
  b).- Episode 15: "Nanako's desperate measures" (1983): Nanako is shrunken to micro size in order to go inside a man's body and help him with his illness.  
31.- Nanatsu no Taizai a).- Episode 10: "Byzel fight festival" (2014):
b).- Episode 11: "A long-standing feeling" (2014)
c).- Episode 12: "Terrifying cannon" (2014): Elizabeth and Diane are shrunk by a mushroom, Diane has a normal size because she is a giant, but Elizabeth is shrunken to doll size, having some interactions with Meliodas.

d).- Episode 18: "Even If I Have to Give Up My Life For It" (2015): Dreyfus has a nightmare where the super hot Meliodas is eating tiny Hawks (luckied Hawks).

e).- Episode 24: "The Heroes" (2015): Hawk revives into a small version of himself, having some interactions with the super cute Meliodas.

f).- Episodes 66-68: "A New Threat" "To Our Capitan" "The Seven Deadly Sins End"  (2020): Diane is shrunk to small size and has some interactions with King and Meliodas.
32.- Nanatsu no Taizai - Seisen no Shirushi a).- Episode 1 onwards (2016): Hawk which revived into a small version of himself, has some interactions with the super cute Meliodas since Episode 1 of this sequel.
33.- Nils Holgersson a).- Episode 1: "Mischevious Nils" (1980): Nils captures an elf who shrunk him to small size sadly.  
  b).- Episode 5: "Morten's big pinch" (1980): The white goose is captured by two giant boys.  
  c).- Episode 9: "Hungry Nils" (1980): Nils is almost captured by a boy.  

d).- Episode 15: "The greedy crow and the coin bowl" (1980): Nils arrives to a kingdom where they treat him with respect.

e).- Episode 19: "Spoiled fawn" (1980): Nils helps a small boy who is alone on a boat on the lake.
  f).- Episode 27: "The story until now" (1980): Nils is almost seen by two kids who were playing.  

g).- Episode 37: "Morten the rookie papa" (1980): Nils helps a small boy who is alone.

h).- OVA (1982): This is compilation of the full story of Nils Holgersson.
34.- One Piece a).- Episode 575: "Lily the little Giant" (2012)
b).- Episode 576: "A dark and powerful army" (2012)
c).- Episode 577: "A great and desperate escape plan! (2012)
d).- Episode 578: "Luffy vs. Shuzo!" (2012): From Episode 575 to 578: A tiny woman called Lily appeared in the ship seeking help, finally Luffy and his friends decide to help her, in the final battle, Lily enters in Luffy's body, doing he becomes a giant and defeating his enemy.
  e).- Episode 583: "Save the children! The straw hats start to fight!" (2013): A group of giant and normal sized children got impressed by a robot.  
35.- Paul no Miracle Daisakusen a).- Episode 36: "I Minis countries connect the hand (prequel)" (1977)
b).- Episode 37: "I Minis countries connect the hand (secuel)" (1977): Paul and his friends arrive to Lilliput.
36.- Powerpuff Girls Z a).- Episode 39a: "Little Ken's big wish" (2007): Ken wishes to be big, but he grows up to giant size and the Powerpuff Girls has to take him out the city.  
37.- Mahotsukai Sally a).- Episode 62: "Sally hometown" (1968): A little witch girl appeared who is able to shrink objects, unfortunately there are few moments where Kabu has interaction with shrunken people.  
  b).- Episode 65: "Brothers where" (1968): Again the annoying little girl Poron shrinks objects and there are few moments where Kabu has interaction with shrunken objects.  
38.- Mahotsukai Sally 2 a).- Episode 40: "Straw Hat and sugar cube? Large thief alien!" (1990): Kabu and Poron help a tiny alien who travels in a small spaceship with hat form.  
39.- Squid Girl a).- OVA (2012): Small squid girl is hungry and almost is captured by two giant boys.  
40.- Tank Knights Portriss a).- Episode 32 "Dr. Kimbal shrunk the portriss knights" (2003): The portriss knights shrunk around Yuma.  
41.- Those Who Hunt Elves 2 a).- Episode 12 (24) "Those who still hunt elves" (1997): A demon with giant boy form is freed and rampages a tiny village.  
42.- Time Trouble Tondekeman! a).- Episode 36 "Of very micro Shalala princess" (1990): Hayato and his friends come back home, but they're 1 inch tall and the Shalala princess is captured by a giant boy who thinks she is an insect.  
43.- Tokyo Pig a).- Episode 4 "The Incredible Shrinking School" (1997): The school is shrunk by a magical snail and Spencer has to rescue it from a big crow.  
44.- Twin Bee Paradise a).- OVA "Winbee's 1/8 Panic" (1998): The girl is shrunken to doll size.  
45.- Kenyu Densetsu Yaiba a).- Episode 6 "Frightening slug man appears" (1993): Yaiba fights agains a slug man and finally he gets to defeat him shrinking it using salt.  
  b).- Episode 23 "Huge battle! Buddha VS Osaka Onimaru Castle" (1993): Yaiba grows up to colossal size in order to fight against a huge castle-robot managed by two villains.  
46.- YAT Anshin! Uchu Ryokou 2 a).- Episode 54 "Monica becomes small" (1998): Two villains shrink Monica to tiny size and has to get the attention of Yat and his friends.  
47.- Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! a).- Episode 32 "Our teeny-tiny adventure!" (2008): The girls are shrunken to tiny size and have to get the attention of the guys.  
48.- Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirou a).- Episode 5a "Small Expedition Party" (1994): 4 little animal kids are shrunken to tiny size in order to find a lost ring and they are almost stepped by 3 giant bad cat kids. We don't have any idea about this anime.  
49.- Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden Victory a).- Episode 40 "The shrunken B-Da cops" (1999): The B-Da cops arrives to a village who has benn shrunken by the villains.  
50.- Boken Korobokkuru a).- All Episodes (1973-1974): 3 dwarf kids have great adventures with a giant boy.  
51.- Dragon Quest Crest of Roto a).- OVA (1996): Arusu arrives to a tiny fairy village, creating chaos between the tiny inhabitants.  
52.- Flint: The Time Detective  a).- Episode 30 "Snug as a bug" (1999): The kids are turned into bugs (and shrunk) by a magical caterpillar.  
53.- Sinbad the Sailor a).- Episode 16 "The Moroccan lamp-seller" (1976): Sinbad and his friends help a giant boy who has his foot harmed by a sword.  
  b).- Episode 21 "Adventure in Lilliput island" (1976)
c).- Episode 22: "Adventure with Burulu and Buluru" (1976): Sinbad and his friends arrived to Burulu (Lilliput) island and are used as giant weapons against their enemies, the Buluru people (tinies too).
54.- Onegai! Samia Don a).- Episode 2b "Dawn became butterfly" (1985): Dawn became butterfly.


b).- Episode 23a "Seabed exploration!? 'S Dawn" (1985): The kids wish to explore the ocean, but Samed take them to the genius boy's aquarium.
  c).- Episode 32b "Babe is giant" (1985): Sid wishes Babe is big, but Samed makes him giant.  
55.- Ogon Senshi Gold Raitan a).- All Episodes (1981): A boy finds a little gold robot who grows up to giant size when the city is in danger by a evil giant monster.  
56.- Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo a).- Episode 276 "Tiny Ryotsu the fairy?" (2002): Kochikame is shrunk to small size and is found by a shy boy who thinks he is a fairy.  
57.- Chiisana Kyojin Microman a).- Episodes 1 to 23 (1999): Kouhei, his brother Yuuta and his friend Mami find a group of tiny heros who will help them to defeat the villains (only from Episode 1 to 23, they are small, the rest of the episodes the heros have a normal size).  
58.- Yu Yu Hakusho a).- Episode 5 "Yusuke's back" (1992): Yusuke captures a small demon.

b).- Episode 12 "Kuwabara's defeat" (1992)
c).- Episode 13 "Yusuke vs. Rando" (1993): Rando who at the begining has a boy appearance, shrinks Kuwabara to doll size and defeats him, then Yusuke makes Rando shrinks himself in order to defeat him.
  d).- Episode 82 "Game master's menace" (1994): Yusuke grows up to giant size in order to defeat a giant enemy.  
59.- Tongari Boshi no Memoru a).- Episode 17 to 50 (1984): From episodes 17 to 50 a cute boy named Oscar appeared in the serie, who has a lot of interactions with Memole and all his small friends.  
60.- Mirmo Zibang a).- Episode 5 "Mini Kaede's Large Adventure" (2002): All episodes have interactions between Yuki and all the fairies, but in this episode Kaede is shrunk to tiny size and is rescued by Yuki.  
61.- Natsuyuki Rendezvous a).- Episode 5 "Unknown title" (2012): Strange serie where there is a Thumbelina type part where a guy has interaction with a small woman.  
62.- Onegai My Melody a).- Episode 34 "It would be nice to become a hero 3!" (2005): A guy grows up to giant size to be a big hero.  
63.- Game Center Arashi a).- Episode 24 "SOS from heaven (prequel)" (1982): Arashi grows up to giant size in order to compete with a giant red ogre in a video game.
64.- Fairy Tail a).- Episode 133 "Travel Companions" (2015): Natsu is shrunken to small size and has some interactions with some of his male partners.

b).- Episode 135 "Footprints of the Myth" (2015): A girl is accidentally shrunken in the middle of a battle.

c).- Episode 316 "Gray's Trump Card" (2019): Natsu has some interactions with shrunken Dimaria.
65.- Ranma 1/2 a).- Episode 100 "The Frogman's curse!" (1991): A strange frogman makes believe all the Ranma's friends have been converted (and shrunken) into frogs.
66.- Inuyasha a).- Episode 5 "Terrifying Noble, Sesshoumaru" (2000)
b).- Episode 6 "
An Ominous Demon Blade, Tetsusaiga" (2000)
c).- Episode 7 "Clash! Sesshoumaru vs. Tetsusaiga!" (2000): Inuyasha has some interactions with his servant flea Myoga which he squishes sometimes.

d).- Episode 57 "Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part I" (2002)
e).- Episode 58 "Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part II" (2002): A fat monster man shrinks Inuyasha's friends.

f).- Episode 65 "Farewell Days of My Youth" (2002): Inuyasha obligates Myoga gets married with his fiancee.
67.- Garo Guren Tsuki a).- Episode 10 "1/10th" (2015): Raiko is shrunken to small size and almost is stepped by Kintoki, excellent episode.
68.- Cardcaptor Sakura a).- Episode 24 "Sakura's mini great adventure" (1998): Sakura shrinks by "the small" card and has some interactions with her giant brother, unfortunately Li Shaoran doesn't appear in this episode.

b).- Episode 55 "Sakura in wonderland" (1999): Sakura travels to wonderland and shrinks to small size, fortunately this time she has some interactions with Li Shaoran, but just a little.
69.- Hi-sCool! Seha Girls a).- Episode 7 "Eggman vs. Sonic with the Sega Hard Girls" (2014): The Seha Girls are shrunken and helped by Sonic.
70.- Black Butler II a).- OVA "Ciel in Wonderland" (2010): Ciel travels to wonderland and has some interactions with shrunken people and grows up to giant size.
71.- Myriad Colors Phantom a).- Episode 10 "Little Ruru's Big Dream" (2016): Ruru is alost stepped by Haruhiko.
72.- Yo-kai Watch a).- Episode 19b "Yo-Kai Baku" (2014): A Yo-Kai named Baku makes Bear dreams himself as a giant (Although we had prefered the one were a giant is Nate).

b).- Episode 22c "Why Does My Shoulder Feel Stiff?" (2014): Two tinies Yo-Kais Ake & Payn make Nate has a shoulder pain.

c).- Episode 68a "Any Time Is Life or Death for Zashiki-warashi" (2015): A small boy wants to help Nate and his friends (giants for him).
73.- KBS? a).- Episode 14 "Countries travels" (?): A boy travels to Brobdingnag where has to deal with a giant family.
74.- Bomberman Jetters a).- Episode 29 "Melody of the large planet" (2003): The Jetters arrive to a planet of giants and they meet a giant boy.
75.- Microid S a).- All Episodes (1973): All episodes the Microids meet the boy of the serie.
76.- The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee a).- Episode 29 "Little Foxes" (1971): A bug is held by a giant faceless boy.
77.- Ghost Sweeper Mikami a).- Episode 18 "The Shrinking Mikami" (1993): Mikami is shrunken to doll size by a demon and has some interactions with Yokoshima and with a boy.
78.- The Amazing Spiez! a).- Episode 22 "Operation of the 50 ft Hacker" (2009): A hacker boy grows up to giant size.

b).- Episode 28 "Operation Nano Spiez" (2010): The Spiez are shrunken to microscopic size, but before they have some interactions with some of their parterns.
79.- Video picture book (?) a).- Episode 13 "Gulliver's Travels" (?): Episode dedicated to the Gulliver's Travels story.
80.- Baby Felix a).- Episode 51 "It becomes smaller baby" (2001): Felix baby shrunk.
81.- Akachan to Boku a).- Episode 28 "The Adventures of brave Minoru" (1997): Minoru has an adventure where his brother Takuya appears as a small fairy.
82.- Miimu Iro Iro Yume no Tabi a).- All 127 Episodes  (1983-1985): This anime is about a small pink creature who lives inside two kids (boy and girl) computer.
83.- Elf Princess Rane a).- OVA (1995): Gou meets a fairy princess named Ren.
84.- Go Show Aoyama a).- OVA 4 (1999): A small detective arrives to a toystore where there are 3 kids.
85.- Maya the Bee a).- Episode 33 "Jack the Moth" (1975): A boy captures Maya, his bee friend and a frog.
86.- Natsume's Book of Friends a).- Episode 2 "The Dew God's small shrine" (2008): Natsume meets a small man.
87.- Under Sea Boy Marine a).- Episode 50 "Micro Mini Wave" (1969): Marine Boy is shrunk, unfortunately there isn't any interaction between shrunk Marine Boy and the boy.
88.- Stitch!: Itazura Alien no Daiboken a).- Episode 23 "Minor, Minor Stitch's Great Adventure" (2010): Stitch and his friends are shrunken and have some interactions with giant boys.
89.- Digimon Adventure a).- Episode 4 "Biyomon gets Firepower" (1999): Tai and his friends arrive to the Yokomon small village which makes they seems giant kids.

b).- Episode 52 "Piedmon’s Last Jest" (2000): Almost all kids are converted (and shrunken) into small dolls by Piedmon (unfortunately Tai too) and TK got to recover Matt.

c).- Ending Credits (2000): In the Fist Ending Credits, the kids look like giant with a tiny city background.
90.- Urusei Yatsura a).- Episode 161 "The Magic Bottle! What's to Become of Me?" (1985): Lum is shrunken by a magic bottle and has some interactions with Ataru and Ten.
91.- Kero Kero Chime a).- Episode 12-13 "Presenting: Makaeru's New Magic" "The Maguron Grass That Dispels Magic" (1997): The kids arrive to a fairies village and the girl shrinks.
92.- Shin Chan a).- Crayon Shin Chan vs Shin Gojira Anime Segement.

b).- Unknow Episode (?): Shin Chan's father shrinks.

c).- Unknow Episode (?): Shin Chan and his father have some interactions with tiny ants.
93.- Busou Shinki a).- All 13 Episodes: High school freshman Rihito, who just came back from abroad, started a new life in Japan with his four Busou Shinki, female action figures with weapons.
94.- Zatch Bell a).- Episode 11 "The Invincible Folgore" (2003): The Folgore's demon is shrunken in order to fight against Gash Bell and Kiyomaro.
95.- Hanasaka Tenshi Ten-Ten-kun a).- Episode 42 "Micro three people! Do not step on it as you ask" (1999): Ten Ten kun and his friends are shrunken and almost are stepped by a boy classmate.
96.- Mysterious Joker

a).- Episodes 38 and 39 "Decisive Battle! The Great Survival Game of the Phantom Thieves Part 1 & 2" (2015): Joker and his friends are shrunken by Mini Mini King, but before Joker has fun with his shrunken rival.
97.- Working!! a).- Season 3 Episode 6 "Yamada vs. Yamada" (2015): A girl dreams she has to save a tiny village of a giant guy, fortunately she is shrunk in front of the giant guy and a chibi guy.
98.- Spoon Oba-san a).- Episodes 10, 34, 50, 52, 66, 74, 78, 81, 88, 93, 97, 105, 111, 113, 130 (1983-1984): Anime about an old woman who shrinks in unexpected times. Even when this anime is about a shrunken old woman and there are three mischievous boys, unfortunately there are a few episodes with interactions between the shrunken woman and the boys and the worst part is the only interaction between her and a kid is with a girl. The episodes previously mentioned are the best ones we consider about giant boys moments, althought we had wished this anime would have had more interactions between the shrunken woman and the three boys.
99.- Yu-Gi-Oh! a).- Episode 13 "Metamol Pot's Trap! Flame Swordsman in Danger!" (2000): Yu-Gi has a duel versus Bakura where his friends play like the cards shrunken fighters (It's a pity there isn't any episode where Mokuba appears as a giant or a normal boy with shrunken people).

b).- Episode 17 "Showdown, Call of the Living Dead(2000): Joey has a nightmare where Seto Kaiba looks like a giant in front of him, sorry Mokuba wasn't there too.

c).- Episode 112 "Jounouchi Targeted: Working Together for Victory(2002): A small moment of a giant looking possessed Tristan.

d).- Episodes 192 and 193 "A Brawl in a Small Town, Part 1 and 2(2004): Rebecca has a duel versus Leon in a miniature city, making Leon and some other boys around look like giants.
100.- Dragon Ball GT a).- Episodes 11-14 (1996): Pan becomes doll by a Wizard, unfortunately there aren't interactions between her and Goku and Trunks, but at least Trunks picks up a doll warrior.
101.- Dragon Ball Super a).- Episode 70 "Let's Play Baseball" (2016): A small scene where Goten and Trunks chase a tiny fly man (from Dr. Slump Serie we guess), there is a little interaction between Cabba too (and Vegeta although we don't like him).

b).- Episode 119 "Unavoidable?! The Fierce Stealth Attack!!(2017): Our loved Son Goku-kun has some interactions with an insect fighter, and he tries to catch him with his giant hand, and if that was not enough, the tiny fighter has some interactions with the Android No. 17, it was an awesome episode.
102.- Beyblade a).- Episodes 22, 24, 26, 27 (2001): Tyson and his friends have some battles in miniature cities bowls making they look like giants, especially in the episodes before mentioned.
103.- Sword Art Online a).- Episodes 16 onwards (2012): Yiu turns into a small pixie and has a lot of interactions with normal sized Kirito.
104.- Magical Circle Guru Guru a).- Episode 27 "Finally found! The beautiful village of the fairies" (1995): The kids arrive to the village of the fairies.
105.- Mon Colle Knights a).- Episode 20 "Mirror Mirror Off The Wall" (2000): Rockna is turned into Lovestar (and shrunken) and has a .lot of interactions with normal sized Mondo. Sorry but this is the closest shrinking episode we could find of this serie where Mondo is a super cute boy who could have been a great giant boy.
106.- Pokémon a).- Episode 8 "The Path to the Pokémon League!" (1997)

b).- Episode 262 "You're a Star Larvitar!" (2003):
c) Episode 17 from Pokémon Sun & Moon (2016): Unfortunately Pokémon Series never had a shrinking/grow episode where Ash or Max had interaction with shrunken people/pokemons, thats' why we mentioned these little moments where Ash, Brook and Kiawe look like giants in funny yelling moments

107.- Perman a).- Episode 209 "Mini Mini Perman" (1983): Perman is shrunken to tiny size and has some interactions with his partner boy (as usually of the Doraemon's creator, he has also interactions with girls unfortunately).
108.- Dragon Lacer a).- All Episodes (2015?): Tsubasa and his friends find small aliens who have small spaceships.
109.- Saint Seiya a).- Episode 5 "Miracle of Rebirth! Friendship of the Cosmos" (1986): Shiryu has a view of Seiya as a giant when he discovers his weak point.
110.- Saint Seiya (OVA Hades) a).- Episode 12 "The Cloth of Athena" (2003): Shion gives Seiya a shrunken Athena statue.
111.- Zinba a).- All Episodes (2015?): A boy has a small lion partner who has a lot of discussions.
112.- Gintama a).- Episode 167 "Smooth Polygons Smooth Men's Hearts Too" (2009): Tama is cleaning up the Snack Shop, when Otose joins her and notices that she looks like a Polygon figure. She sends Tama to buy things and asks Gintoki what may have happened to her. When Tama comes back, she is pixelated and her condition got worse. Clueless about what to do, the three Yorozuya bring her to Gengai, who specializes in machines. He tells them that she caught a computer virus and after shrinking them to puppet size, he sends the three Yorozuya to look what's going on in Tama's body. The first thing they find, is a man in a bodysuit, dying and asking them to deliver a message to the Leukocyte King. After this incident their first stop is at the Leukocyte Kingdom.
113.- Little Witch Academia a).- Episode 17 "Amanda O'Neill and the Holy Grail" (2017): Ako and Amanda disguise themselves to sneak in a all-boys school. While Amanda disguises herself as a guy, Ako is disguised as a mouse. As a mouse, she has some angled shots with Andrew.
114.- Bobobo bo bo bobo  a).- Episode 74 "The Bigger the Gasser --- The Smellier the Gas!" (2007): Halon Oni (Maloney Oni in the dub) causes Gasser to grow into a giant to be used as an arena.
115.- Demetan Croaker, The Boy Frog a).- Episode 29 "Watashi Friendship Bridge" (1973): Ibokichi is captured by a poweful giant boy and Demetan goes to rescue him.
116.- Shimajiro no Wow! a).- Episode ? "I'm not scared of cazzin!" (?): Two tiny animals want to enter to Shimajiro's mouth to create cavities.
117.- Miira no Kaikata (How to keep a mummy) a).- All Episodes (2018): When high school student Sora Kashiwagi finds himself staring down a mysterious over-sized package sent to him by his self-proclaimed "adventurer" father, the last thing he expects is for it to be opened from the inside by a little mummy so small it can fit in the palm of his hand.
118.- Turning Mecard a).- All Episodes (2015): A group of kids have small cars and do they fight between them by some cards. 
119.- Maeterlinck's Blue Bird a).- All 26 Episodes (1980): Set in a German-speaking country in the seventies, brother and sister Tyltyl and Mytyl live with their parents, a dog and a cat. When their mother becomes seriously ill on Christmas Day, Tyltyl and Mytyl receive the visit of Berylune fairy. It entrusts them with the task of finding the "blue bird”, the bearer of happiness, making them able to heal the mother. With their dog Tyrol, cat Shanet, and a range of spirits, they set out on a journey to find the "blue bird” and maybe learn happiness along the way. 
120.- Mazinger Z a).- Episode 52 "Kouji's crisis, Sayaka mobilizes Mazinger!" (1973): A short scene at the begining of the episode, where Shiro plays with a toy Mazinger Z, if we use our imagination, we can think he's playing with a shrunken Mazinger Z.
121.- Food Wars a).- Episode 54 "?" (2018): Soma is beside a map of Hokkaido.
122.- Gegege no Kitarou a).- Version 1968: 65 Episodes.
b).- Version 1971: 45 Episodes.
c).- Version 1985: 108 Episodes.
d).- Version 1996: 114 Episodes.
e).- Version 2007: 100 Episodes: All Episodes Kitarou has interactions with his tiny dad, an old living eyeball.

f).- Version 2018: ? Episodes: All Episodes Kitarou has interactions with his tiny dad, an old living eyeball.

g).- Episode 38 "Rat Man becomes a dad (2007): Rat Man finds a yokai baby who becomes big when he opens his third eye.
123.- Hand Maid May a).- All 10 Episodes and 1 OVA (2000): Saotome Kazuya is a computer whiz. One day his friend Nanbara, threatens him with a computer virus. Trying to stop the virus, Kazuya ends up making a special order. May is a cyberdoll that arrives at his door a few minutes later and she is 1/6th the size of a normal person, which makes for many awkward situations. Not to mention the fact Kazuya can't even afford to keep May. Cyberdyne is not satisfied with Kazuya's non-payments and will do anything to retrieve CBD May.
124.- Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits a).- Episode 6 "?" (2018): A character named Sasuke picks up a small kappa named Chibi.
125.- Hunter X Hunter a).- Episode 59 "Bid x And x Haste" (2012): In the Greed Island Arc, Gon and Killua talk about various cards and their effects and the end of the episode (extra scene). When talking about the Accompany card, Gon says it’ll warp everyone within 20 meters. Killua wonders what would happen if the person warped was 21 meters tall and grows accordingly. Gon then blushes at the giant Killua. 
126.- Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san a).- Episode 7 "Yuuna's Mysterious Disappearance" (2018): A little fox girl shrinks infront of Kogarashi and rides on his shoulder for a little while. 
127.- Genji Tsuushin Agedama a).- Episode 5 "Ibuki, clean one vote!" (1991): Genji gets bigger when released from a large sack.

b).- Episode 18 "Rei is Gokusu in the Yokozuna" (1992): Genji grows taller to level against a girl in a fake sumo suit.  He got knocked out and shrunk back to normal, before he inserted a card which makes him even taller to finish her off.
128.- Merc Storia a).- All Episodes (2018): Yuu has interactions with a small girl called Merc in all the episodes.
129.- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable a).- Episode 4 "The Nijimura Brothers, Part 2" (2016): Koichi has some interactions with toy soldiers. 
130.- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind a).- Episode 9 "The First Mission from the Boss" (2018): Narancia tries to dispose of Formaggio with his Stand Aerosmith, but Formaggio uses his own Stand, Little Feet, to shrink himself and hide in Narancia’s pocket. 

b).- Episode 10 "Hitman Team" (2018): Due to the wound Little Feet had inflicted on him, Narancia discovers that he is slowly shrinking. When Formaggio prevents him from using a public telephone to call Bucciarati's group, he realizes Formaggio is nearby. Formaggio realizes that Aerosmith detects its targets by their breathing. Formaggio attempts to escape among a group of rats, only to become the target of Aerosmith yet again due to the heavy breathing of the rat he is riding. Formaggio manages to survive by reverting to his original size, as Aerosmith has also shrunk along with Narancia and the bullets have little effect. 

c).- Episode 11 "Narancia's Aerosmith / Narancia's Li'l Bomber" (2018): The final episode of the shrinking effects: Formaggio traps the now miniature Narancia beneath his foot and attempts to interrogate him, but Narancia resists; fortunately he recovers his normal size.
131.- Naruto: Shippuden a).- Episode 124 "Art" (2009): As Deidara's C4 Karura detonates, Sasuke perishes.

b).- Episode 274 "The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!" (2014): Choji grows giant to fight undead teacher.
132.- Voice of Fox a).- Episode 8 "Under Unknown Skies" (2018): There is a brief moment where Kong Que appears as a giant.
133.- Gundam Build Divers a).- Episode 3 "The Protector" (2018): Momoka joins Riku and Yukio on their next GBN session, only to discover her guest avatar as a pink Haro.
134.- Plawres Sanshiro a).- All 37 Episodes  (1983-1984): A young boy named Sanshiro Sugata battles against other PlaWrestlers using his miniature PlaWrestler pocket robot named Juohmaru.
135.- Danmachi a).- Episode 5 "Spellbook (Grimoire)" (2015): Bell finds a giant version of himslef.
136.- The Adventures of the Little Prince a).- Episode 1 "My Home, a Tiny Planet" (1978): The Little Prince has some interactions with his little Rose.
137.- Isekai Cheat Magician a).- Episode 8 "Royal Capital Wennifix" (2019): Taichi has summons a small fairy and has some interactions with her.
138.- Radiant 2 a).- Episode 6 "His name is Diabal" (2019): There’s a projection of Seth as a giant.
139.- Mr. Osomatsu a).- Episode 24 "Totoko's Huge Panic" (2016): A parody of Attack of Titan.
140.- Digimon Adventure 2020 a).- Episode 2 "War Game" (2020): Taichi displays a Koshiro hologram on his digivice, making to seem shrunken on his hand.
141.- Basquash! a).- Episode 18 "Memory of You" (2009): Navi is out of the giant metal suit and has interaction with most of the other characters.
142.- Concrete Revolutio a).- Episode 1 "The Witch Girl of Tokyo" (2015): A short interaction between a guy and a tiny defeated foe.
143.- Yo-kai Gakuen Y: N to no Sogu a).- Episode 19 "Century Showdown! YSP vs ESP" (2020): A scene of an interaction between a boy and a tiny defeated Yo-kai.


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