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Giant Boys Zone

Clean Movies about Giant Boys


1.- Do the movies come in CD or DVD?
No, our movies are downloadables only.
2.- What format are the movies?
The movies are WMV and MP4 formats, one of the most used video formats. (Please be sure this format can be played in your PC before purchasing our movies, because we don't do refunds).
3.- How can I buy the movies?
You have two options for buying the movies, the first one: by a credit card to our Paypal account and the second one and most recommended: opening a Paypal account.
4.- How much is open a Paypal account?
Nothing. Opening a Paypal account is completly free.
5.- What do I need to open a Paypal account?
Just two things: an email and a credit or debit card. To open a Paypal account, you can go to the link below this page
6.- Once I buy my movie, how much time do I have to wait to receive my movie?
Due to sometimes we have costumers from different continents, our delivery lapse is 24 hours since time you purchase our movies. In case your payment arrives while we are online, your movie will be delivered inmediatly, otherwise your movie won´t delay more than 24 hours since time you purchase your movie.*
7.- Where do you send the link for downloading the movie?
We send the link to the email you used in Paypal for buying the movie.
8.- What´s the sender name do you use for sending the movie´s link?
Our sender´s name is Giant Boys Zone. It´s possible the mail is sent to your trash or spam email, that´s why we request you check them.
9.- Is there any cost if I request you resend me a movie I bought previously?
Yes, the cost for resending you a movie is 10% of the price you paid for your movie. For avoiding this, we suggest you create a copy of your movies in an external or virtual hard disk.

*When you purchase our movies, automatically is established that you agree with our delivery lapse.
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Update: 12/25/2020
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