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Giant Boys Zone

Clean Movies about Giant Boys

In this site we offer movies about Giant Boys and Tiny People. This is a clean site. So, if you like the theme, don't doubt to buy our movies.
We hope you love our movies, all your suggestions and comments are welcomed.
Proudly the first and unique site which produces Giant Boys Poser Movies in all the world!!

 Since 07/15/2011



10/07/2017 We've renewed our upcoming movie "Brother, the Grandpa Shrunk Us!" which was suspended due low sales, for details visit the movie page.

Kind Greetings.

Giant Boys Zone Team


08/25/2017 Mean our upcoming movie "Brother, the Grandpa Shrunk Us!" is suspended due low sales, we made a short movie called "My Consult with the Doctor Micro" in order to help us to renew our suspended movie, we hope you can help us purchasing this movie, guys.

Kind Greetings.

Giant Boys Zone Team


05/30/2017 Unfortunately our upcoming movie "Brother, the Grandpa Shrunk Us" has been suspended for we don't know how much time.

Details in the movie page.


Giant Boys Zone Team


04/18/2017 Guys we need your help with the Pictures, we have sold only 2 pictures since we had them available for sale. Remember they were created for supporting us to create future GBZ Movies, because Movies sales have decreased nowadays.

So please, we hope you can help us with the pictures guys.

Thank you,

Giant Boys Zone Team


04/05/2017 Finally we have the results about the previous Giant Girls Movie: 90% of people who bought the previous movie were Giant Boys Purchasers, so the decision is we're going to produce a Giant Boys Movie. Although we're not sure if there will be more movies after this upcoming movie, so we still need your support guys.

The upcoming movie is titled "Brother, The Grandpa Shrunk Us!" and it's the sequel of the previous GGZ movie "Sister, The Grandpa Shrunk Me!". Many people like us loved Zac, that's why we decided to create this sequel where him and his buddies are unaware of his shrunken sister and friends.

Please guys, repeat, we still need your support, keep purchasing our previous movies if you wish we keep producing more Giant Boys Movies. Because what we got of profits is still enough to create this upcoming movie and no more, so please, support us.

Kind Greetings,

Giant Boys Zone Team


03/26/2017 Our new movie from the Giant Girls Zone Line: "Sister The Grandpa Shrunk Me!" is available in our store now. Like we told you previously, this movie was created because our GBZ Movies sales have decreased nowadays. Even when GBZ Movies have been sold better than before lately, it's not enough to create a new one. We told if this new movie is sold much better than a Giant Boys Movie, the next movie would be about Giant Girls again. So, we have to wait the results about this new movie.

We want to inform you we have increased the number of screencaps in order to compensate we're unable to publish Movies Trailers. There's another thing we have to tell: Giant Boys Movies purchasers: don't worry to purchase this new movie if you want to support us, your vote will be for the Giant Boys Side automatically (unless you wish your vote is for the Giant Girls Movies Side, in that case you'd have to notify us by email).

We have to tell too, this new movie would have a sequel for the Giant Boys Side, but we'll decide if we produce it in case GBZ Movies sales have improved better than GGZ Movies. So, once we have the results, we'll decide if our new movie is about Giant Boys, Giant Girls or there won't be new movie for the moment. 


Giant Boys Zone Team.

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Update: 01/21/2018
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