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  Duna Alpaca 

  We invite you to see our designs on this page: Alpaca Poncho, Alpaca cardigan, Alpaca   shawl, Alpaca sweater. If you want to   receive more information you can write to us at: salesdunaalpaca@gmail.com

Alpaca Cardigan $ 25        Alpaca Shawl $ 25

       Alpaca Poncho $ 25       Alpaca Sweater $ 25

       Alpaca Sweater $ 25       Alpaca Shawl $ 25

We are Duna Alpaca, alpaca clothing manufacturers in Peru.
Our company has more than 8 years designing and making alpaca garments with the best quality of Peruvian alpaca fiber.
We are characterized by the excellent quality that we offer in all our production, since we work with the best alpaca fiber that exists in Peru, in addition we produce all our garments with manual finishes. It is also important to mention that we carefully control the bagging, labeling and packaging of each of our garments, reviewing garments per garment every detail to guarantee our customers that we only ship garments of the highest quality.
We make all kinds of garments such as, alpaca poncho, alpaca sweaters, alpaca dresses, alpaca cardigans, alpaca shawl, alpaca scarves, alpaca hats, alpaca gloves and many more.
If you have any questions you can send us an email on our contact page.


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