DaMar Jewelers is a young company but with an extensive experience in the world of jewelry. It's creators, jewelry craftsmen, aim with this presentation to display and show their work. This work is carried out with their top tools, their hands, and the latest advanced techniques in CadCam.
DaMar Jewelers' experience has been reflected on several occasions as they have participated in projects for very well known companies, as well as for great designers. We are proud to say that we are consider trustworthy and reliable.
The jewelry photographs and montages were created by DaMar Jewelers. Their desire is to seduce and express their emotions and to show their work as an interpretation of their dreams and thoughts.
Our specialization is in gold (14KT, 18KT), platinum and silver. As well as offering general repairs, laser and jewelry restoration.
DaMar Jewelers is full of ideas and their main concern is to be able to put these ideas into their jewelry with the utmost perfection and technique. In their hands, each piece becomes a work of art, both for its design and for its elaboration.
For DaMar Jewelers, jewelry is not just their work, it's their passion.
  "Nobody is happier than those who work in what they like and that is what's most important to us".


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