César González Pascual

PhD-Physics: Postdoctoral researcher

  • Dr. César Gonzalez Pascual cesar.gonzalez@uam.es Phone number: +34 914972665

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    List of publications

    During these years, I have published 72 articles in different international journals. They have been cited more than 1200 times in the Web of Science, (H=19):


    "Fragmentation and Distortion of Terpyridine-Based Spin-Crossover Complexes on Au(111)" T. Knaak, C. Gonzalez, Y. Dappe, G. Harzmann, T. Brandl, M. Mayor, R. Berndt, Richard and M. Gruber. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Accepted. (2019).

    "A single hydrogenmolecule as an intensity chopper in an electrically driven plasmonic nanocavity”.P. Merino, A. Rosławska, C. C. Leon, A. Grewal, C. Große, C. González, K. Kuhnke and K. Kern. Nano Letters 19 235−241 (2019) [link]

    "Cluster formation and eventualmobility of helium in a tungsten grain boundary” C. González and R. Iglesias. Journalof Nuclear Materials 514 171-180 (2019) [link].


    "Band Structure Effectson the Charge Exchange Processes in H+ Colliding with a Cu(111) SurfaceV. Quintero, M. Tacca,R. Vidal, C. Gonzalez, E. C Goldberg and F. Bonetto Journal of PhysicalChemistry C 122 28192–28203 (2018) [link].

    "Accurate ab initiodetermination of ballistic electron emission spectroscopy: Application to Au/Ge”A Gerbi, C González, R Buzio, N Manca, D Marrč, LD Bell, DG Trabada, S DiMatteo, PL de Andres, F Flores Physical Review B 98 205416 (2018) [link]

    "Forces and electronic transport in a contact formed by a graphene tip and a defective MoS2 monolayer: A theoretical study" D. Di Felice, Y. J. Dappe, C. González. Nanotechnology 29 225704 [link].

    "Vacancy assisted He-insterstitial clustering and their elemental interaction at fcc-bcc semicoherent metallic interface" U Saikia, MB Sahariah, C González, R Pandey Scientific Reports 8, 3844 (2018) [link]


    "Weakly Trapped, Charged and Free-Excitons in Single-layer MoS2 in the Presence of Defects, Strain and Charged Impurities" S Dubey, et al ACS Nano 11, 11206–11216 (2017) [link]

    "Theoretical study of the charge transfer and electron emission in the scattering of He by an AlF3 surface" Adalberto Iglesias-García, César González, Edith C. Goldberg. Physical Review B 96, 075428 (2017) [link]

    "Molecular detection on a defective MoS2 monolayer by simultaneous conductance and force simulations" César González, and Yannick J. Dappe. Physical Review B, 95, 214105 (2017) [link]

    Graphical abstract: Adsorption of small inorganic molecules on a defective MoS2 monolayer"Adsorption of small inorganic molecules on a defective MoS2 monolayer". César González, Blanca Biel and Yannick J. Dappe. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 9485-9499(2017) [link]

    "Angle Dependence of the local electronic properties of the graphene/MoS2 interface determined by ab initio calculations" Daniela Di Felice, Enrique Abad,César González, Alexander Smogunov and Yannick J. Dappe.
    Invited article in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (Letter). 50, 17LT02 (2017) [link]

    Influence of grain boundaries on the radiation-induced defects and hydrogen in nanostructured and coarse-grained tungsten" G. Valles, M. Panizo-Laiz, C. González, I. Martin-Bragado, R. González-Arrabal, N. Gordillo, R. Iglesias, C. L. Guerrero, J. M. Perlado, A. Rivera. Acta Materialia 122, 277-286 (2017) [link]


    Abstract Image"Graphene as a promising electrode for low current attenuation in asymmetric molecular junctions" Qian Zhang, Longlong Liu, Shutui Tao, Congyi Wang, Cezhou Zhao, César González, Yannick J. Dappe, Richard Nichols and Li Yang. Nano Letters 16, 6534 − 6540 (2016) [link]

    Abstract Image"Reactivity Enhancement and Fingerprints of Point Defects on a MoS2 Monolayer Assessed by Ab Initio Atomic Force Microscopy". C. González, Y. J. Dappe, and B. Biel. J. Phys. Chem. C, 120 (30), 17115 (2016) [link]

     "Ab initio simulations of the structure, energetics and mobility of radiation-induced point defects in bcc Nb" M. A. Cerdeira, S. L. Palacios, C. González, D. Fernández-Pello and R. Iglesias Journal of Nuclear Materials 478, 185 (2016) [link]

    "Signals of strong electronic correlation in ion scattering processes"  F. Bonetto, C. González and E. C. Goldberg Physical Review B 93, 195439 (2016) [link]

    "Ab initio study of tungsten defects near the surface" C. L. Guerrero, N. Gordillo, R. Iglesias, J. M. Perlado and C. González. Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 24,
    045006 (2016) [link]

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    "Energetic analysis of He and monovacancies in Cu/W metallic interfaces"
    C. González and R. Iglesias Materials and Design 91, 171 (2016) [link]

    "Theoretical characterisation of point defects on a MoS2 monolayer by Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy" C. González, B. Biel and Y. J. Dappe Nanotechnology 27, 105702 (2016) [link]

    "First Princples study of the behavior of hydrogen atoms in a W monovacancy" C. L. Guerrero, C. González, R. Iglesias, J. M. Perlado and R. González-Arrabal. Journal of Materials Science 51, 1445 (2016) [link]