César González Pascual

PhD-Physics: Postdoctoral researcher

  • Dr. César Gonzalez Pascual cesar.gonzalez@uam.es Phone number: +34 914972665

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    During my scientific career, I have been collaborating with different experimental and theoretical groups all around the world.
    At this moment, I am working within the FAST group in collaboration with Fernando Flores and José Ortega in the Autonoma University of Madrid. I am still maintaining a preferential and long term collaboration with
    Yannick Dappe from the Service de Physique de l'Estat Condensé (SPEC-CNRS) in the CEA Saclay (France).

    Former groups, which I have been working with.
    • SPM-Th group: Rubén Pérez, Pablo Pou and Lucia Rodrigo in the Autonoma University of Madrid (Spain).

    • ESISNA group: Pedro de Andres, Jose Angel Martin Gago, Paqui López and Javier Méndez, in the CSIC-ICMM in Madrid (Spain). Together with the people from the Astro-biological Centre: Eva Mateo, Jesus Sobrado and Pablo Merino.

    • NANOSURF groupPavel Jelinek, Vladimir Chab, Martin Svec, Pingo Mutombo, Martin Ondráček and Zsolt Majzik from the Instituto of Physics of Prague (Czech Republic)

    • FUSNUCLINER: J. Manuel Perlado, Antonio Rivera, Raquel González Arrabal, Nuria Gordillo and Carlo Guerrero.
    • MAPRE:Dario Fernández-Pello, María Ángeles Cerdeira, Sergio L. Palacios y Roberto Iglesias
      Other collaborations:

      Old collaborations:

      • Ralf Bechtein and Angelika Kühnle, now at Aarhus University and Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz respectively, both in Denmark.

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